Youngest Farmer at the Market

It all started in Spring 2020, when 10-year-old Nevaeh’s mom encouraged her to try growing produce to pass the crazy times we were experiencing as a nation. It only took a few weeks to find that growing these fresh flavors was a newly discovered passion. Fast forward into the Summer and you may have noticed her being the youngest farmer at the Clemmons Farmers’ Market!

As her harvest became abundant, Nevaeh’s mom, Jessica, had the idea of creating a fun business plan together. Their first step was to brainstorm a business name to make a Gmail account for any customer communications. So, they started to think about what she grew—watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, zucchini. They said to each other, “Produce by Nevaeh?” but then shook their heads in agreement that it just didn’t click. Only moments later, it clicked—Produce from Heaven! In case you haven’t caught the hidden anagram yet, Nevaeh spelled backward is “Heaven.”

To this day, Nevaeh wakes up every morning, even on the weekends, at 7:15 am to put on her overalls before she goes to let out her chickens and then prepare for school. Since she is currently doing school at home, she enjoys sharing a hot cup of decaf coffee with her mom before she dives into her schoolwork. Around 11:30 am, Nevaeh will utilize her lunch break to bring her plants into the greenhouse and move her fruit trees outside for some sunlight; however, her work doesn’t end once school’s dismissed for the day. “After I do my homework, I’ll go care for my chickens. They like to play with me. One even jumps on my back and sits on my shoulder like it’s a parrot! Before the sun goes down, I water my plants before bringing them back inside, then I do it all again the next day, and I love it!” And, in case your day needs a little more sunshine, take a listen to her chickens’ names: Scrambled, Fried, Omelette, Hei Hei, Miss Bojangles, Frittata, Quiche, Over Easy, Sunny Side Up, Poached, Waffles, and Boiled.

“It was really exciting to see my fourth-grade teacher come to visit me at the market last summer, since I didn’t get to finish out the school year, and to know that she was supporting me was great,” said Nevaeh. Inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, Nevaeh’s fourth grade teacher even added on a project—teaching her students how to successfully run a small business. Not stopping there, she has also inspired her Principal and her very supportive mother to start their own gardens. Growing up, Jessica would garden with her Nana during the warmer months, yet hadn’t done so since her passing. So, in her honor, Nevaeh was the inspiration to her mother, her grandma’s co-workers, and many others, as she lives with admirable ambition and optimism at such a young age.

From seed to harvest, Produce from Heaven offers a variety of all-natural produce. Are you looking for the perfect tomato to slice in between that creamy mozzarella and aromatic basil? Then, you’ll have to give her slightly salty, with hints of sweetness, Black Krim a try. She has over five tomato varieties to fit almost any savory need you have: Jubilee, Cherry Tomatoes, Cherokee Purple, Yellow Pear, and more. Or how about a sweet pairing to your buttermilk pancakes? She hopes to have her fruit trees bearing this year, but now you can find her market table vibrantly decorated with watermelon, cantaloupe, pears, peaches, figs, and plums. Maybe even add some of her fresh basil to your next pasta dish, or parsley to your guacamole. She’ll also be offering bell peppers, green beans, squash, okra, rosemary, tomatillos, spaghetti squash, eggplants, and more.

Next time you’re in Clemmons on a Saturday, swing by the Clemmons Farmers’ Market at 1150 S. Peace Haven Road to grab your Summer favorites by Produce from Heaven!


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