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Venture Club is a summer day camp for our community that exists to provide a fun, active, and growing experience for kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade. It’s our goal to create an excellent environment for campers to know they’re valuable, cared for, and safe every single day while they make new friendships, form new memories, and experience new adventures. Now that Venture Club is open again, we can’t wait to have your family be a part of our summer day camp family!

What does an average week in the life of a Venture Club camper look like?

Campers begin their morning warming up with fun games together before they break out into their individual grades for a day perfectly crafted for their specific age. Venture Club is able to fully take advantage of the wonderful Calvary campus and utilizes every single area for the most fun possible. While our younger campers get some energy out on the playground chasing their friends, our older campers get a chance to showcase their chalk art skills, go round after round in 4-square, or aim for the fences in a giant game of kickball. All campers get a daily morning and afternoon snack on top of a delicious, hot lunch prepared by our year-round kitchen staff.

Depending on the day, campers will head off on one of their many weekly field trips to work on their putt-putt game, see all of the amazing animals at the North Carolina Zoo, scream with joy as they conquer giant roller coasters at Carowinds, or play a round of sharks & minnows at the pool. Each day is carefully planned to include healthy rhythms of excitement and rest that give our campers the benefit of consistency with a happy anticipation of what’s next. Once the field trip is complete, our younger campers get opportunities to rest or read while our older campers get time for board games and structured screen time. Sometimes the end of the day will include all of the Venture Club grades together as we watch the next generation of musicians and artists show off their abilities in a talent show, transform part of our campus into a big-screen movie theater experience, or simply come together for a much needed silly dance break.

What defines Venture Club?

Every single camper and family matters. Our hearts broke this past season as many circumstances left kids and parents feeling isolated, unwanted, or uncared for. One of the main reasons Venture Club exists is to let families in the Triad area know that there’s at least one place where kids can learn and experience where their true value comes from. This belief begins in the hiring process as Venture Club recruits and develops amazing counselors and leaders who are there because they want to form positive relationships with campers. Our staff works hard, plays hard, and sees every single moment at camp as an opportunity for encouragement, support, and care. Even though parents have unfortunately aged out of Venture Club as a camper, it doesn’t mean that they’re unimportant! Venture Club also desires to partner with parents by encouraging them weekly, providing resources on navigating the world of parenting, and taking time to get to know the unique beauty of each family.

How do I sign up my camper?

Registration opens in January! The first day of camp is June 6 and we’re open weekdays from 7:30a–5:30p every week until August 12. Camper spots will be limited this summer to allow the growth and development of staff to meet our standards of excellence for your family. For more information go to calvarynow.com/ventureclub.


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