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Redeem: (v) compensating for someone’s or something’s faults; compensatory.

Tina S. Merhoff & Associates opened 18 years ago. While I never doubted the Lord’s plans, I could not have predicted the challenges and blessings that would take place within these jungle-painted walls.

This last year brought us all a curveball. Your kids schooled at the kitchen table and learned to wear a mask outside of dress-up time. Our practice temporarily closed, introduced new protocols, and pushed through the unknown. Through it all, the Lord was faithful and sustained my family, my team, and this practice. He continuously redeems me and has filled me with a heart of gratitude. My hope is to let this overflow into my daily life with my patients.

As pediatric dentists, our primary goals are teaching and empowering children to optimize their oral health and conservatively to restore when required. My associate, Dr. Jennifer Macdonald, and I stress healthy hygiene habits and nutrition to prevent cavities. It’s the most important aspect of my job. My schedule has more than double the amount of preventative appointments as restorative appointments. And yet cavities still happen.

What is a cavity? Teeth are made of three layersenamel, dental, and pulp. Everyone’s body is composed of good and bad bacteria, and the same is true for the mouth. And when the bad bacteria flourish more than the good bacteria, infection occurs. When the bacteria break through the enamel, the cavity needs to be cleaned out and restored—redeemed.

We are often asked, “Do we need to treat the baby tooth? Won’t they be losing it? Shouldn’t we just pull it?” You’re right; your child will lose their primary (baby) teeth eventually; however, those primary teeth have an important role in your child’s growth and the development of the surrounding soft and hard tissues. These tissues contribute to a child’s speech, nutritional intake, and health of the future permanent teeth.

The majority of our body’s functions can self-correct or heal with modern medicine, which is really amazing. Unfortunately, teeth cannot. When a cavity erodes the enamel of the tooth, that enamel is lost and cannot be healed. But it can be compensated for with filling material. It can be redeemed. I am so grateful for the skillset the Lord has given me to impact my patients.

With February being Children’s Dental Health Month, our office likes to celebrate with involvement and giving back to the community. In previous years we have called upon our tooth fairy friends and visited local preschools, educating children on healthy food and oral hygiene habits. We love seeing children’s faces light up with excitement and wonder meeting the tooth fairy. Our office has been a long-time supporter of the national program, Give Kids a Smile (GKAS). In partnership with the public dental hygienists, children from the community are welcomed to our office to receive comprehensive dental care. Our entire team volunteers their time to care for these kids, and generous local businesses provide their services to make this day a true highlight.

The children who attend our Give Kids a Smile function receive comprehensive care. This includes everything from routine dental cleanings and examinations to fillings and pulpotomies with crowns. The most redeeming part of the day is the time spent educating the children and their parents on best oral hygiene practices and healthy nutrition.

We are thrilled to give every child a healthy smile, redeeming their teeth, leaving them confident to take on life’s challenges. Every child is worth our time and no child is beyond our level of care.

Our office is currently accepting new patients and would love to meet your family. Please visit our website www.dentist4kids.com, find us on social media, or call 336-659-9500 to learn more about us!



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