Three Generations of Clemmons

From Friday night football games to bringing home the newest family addition, there aren’t many towns that hold a special place in one’s heart like Clemmons does for the Jackson* family.

Mrs. Jackson (grandmother) moved to Clemmons when she was four years old in the year 1941. Mrs. Jackson has called Clemmons “home sweet home” for the past 79 years, other than her brief time away as her husband finished his college education and bravely served our country for 2½ years. She counts her blessings every day for the many friends and family that still live nearby in Clemmons.

Did you ever think you could take one step into Tanglewood and fall in love? On a sunny Saturday afternoon in 1956, Mrs. Jackson and a friend rode their bikes to the infamous Tanglewood Park pool to go for a refreshing swim to cool off from the Summer’s heat. That very day, Mrs. Jackson met the love of her life, whom she began dating in 1957, and with whom will soon be celebrating 61 wonderful years of marriage. Without the blink of an eye, she “would do it all over again!”

Her appreciation for Tanglewood didn’t skip a beat, as her oldest grandson, Ryan, has fond memories as a child of biking through the adventurous trails with family, playing the Par 3 course, and having picnics at the various shelters throughout the park. His soft spot for Tanglewood doesn’t end at childhood; Ryan later proposed to his high school sweetheart in the gardens at the Tanglewood Manor House. She said yes!  His younger brother, Chris, also cherishes the Christmas season, as family and friends gather together for the annual Tanglewood Festival of Lights tour.

Before her high school graduation in 1955, some of Mrs. Jackson’s fondest memories of living in Clemmons were made on the cheerleading team with her best friends, as she watched her school score touchdowns and take it to the hoop. That team spirit was passed down to her younger grandson, Chris, who met some of his closest friends by playing on multiple athletic teams, from football to lacrosse. Following in his father’s footsteps, he graduated from West Forsyth High School, but not before being crowned Homecoming King his senior year. In a matter of fact, one of his father’s fondest memories was proudly standing in place of Chris when he was crowned, since he was on the football team. It has brought Mark (the father) great honor raising two phenomenal sons, as well as running a 3rd-generation family business, started by his grandfather (Mrs. Jackson’s father-in-law).

West Forsyth’s impact doesn’t end on the football field, as Chris first crossed paths with the love of his life in the “900” building their freshman year of high school. After having their first date at the Sonic on Lewisville-Clemmons Road, they have been in each other’s life ever since and are now happily married. Whoever said Paris is the city for love? It can’t go without saying that Mark (the father) also met his beautiful wife one Sunday morning while he was living in Clemmons and she was in Winston-Salem.

Mrs. Jackson described her warm memories of earlier days in Clemmons as being a “quiet, peaceful community.” Without the blinking traffic lights and only a few homes with air-conditioning, Clemmons created perfect opportunities for contented family dinners under big oak trees as they talked with friendly neighbors. Mark concurred that the slow pace of living brought serenity after a hard day’s work, while his sons agreed that that same simplicity enhanced a most memorable childhood.

So, what makes three generations continue to call Clemmons home? At the end of the day, the Jackson family all agreed that Clemmons offers a special, close-knit community that gives its residents a special sense of identity and peace like none other.

*Names have been changed for privacy.


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