The Top 11 Reasons to Visit Vivid Dental

When it comes to dental health, a vivid, vibrant smile speaks volumes.  And for the team at Vivid Dental, they know that the radiance of their patients’ smiles can reflect their overall health.  With that in mind, Beth Jordan, the office manager of Vivid Dental Winston, helped identify the top 11 reasons why families should consider Vivid Dental.

  1. Complete Health Dentistry.

“So many people assume dentistry never goes beyond the teeth and gums,” said Beth. “At Vivid Dental, we specialize in complete health dentistry.  This means that in addition to the traditional cleanings, x-rays, and other dental procedures performed in our office, we will take a patient’s blood pressure and pre-screen the mouth for oral cancers.  Oral health reveals a lot about a person’s overall wellness.  From a complete dental exam, we can identify inflammatory markers which are a precursor to heart disease, diabetes and even kidney disease.  We can also detect certain oral cancers. With our commitment to complete health dentistry, we can share concerns with our patients and encourage them to pursue medical treatment for issues of which they may not be aware.”

  1. A One-of-a-Kind Filtration System.

“We are so proud of our air filtration system, our founder, Dr. Justin Roberts, developed the system; it kills COVID and other airborne germs.  Unlike any other air filtration systems, ours is a filtration system designed for dental offices and our unique needs. This specific machine is called the BioAblate-DX1; you can find it online at This amazing filtration system is unique because it can clean a 1000-square-foot space inside of five minutes—which is ten times faster than similar filtration systems.  Dr. Roberts has developed a safe air filtration system that gives our patients peace of mind, especially in our COVID-world.”

  1. Same-Day Crowns.

“No one wants to hear that they need a crown.  Thanks to nitrous-oxide and oral sedation, we can make the process pain-free, but still—it’s a pain to take the time for the process.  After all, it can be time-consuming.  Our office offers same-day crowns, and from start to finish, the process is about two hours—this is a huge time saver for many! Compared to the days of having to drive over to the office and then return up to two weeks later to finish the process, I’d say that is a huge improvement,” said Beth! “We respect that our patient’s time is valuable.”

  1. Invisalign.

“Those who want to enjoy a bright, straight smile usually assume they must be referred to an orthodontist.  However, we are excited to offer Invisalign solutions to our patients!  It gives our patients a one-stop solution for that beautiful smile they are dreaming of, along with the comforts of keeping the same trusted dental team to help them along the way. Invisalign technology is a trusted solution for correcting bite issues, overcrowding, and straightening teeth without the extreme installation of traditional braces.”

  1. State-of-the-Art Technology.

“Our dentists take pride in our office and the technology we have. Drs. Roberts and Lor have invested in their equipment not only because it makes good medical and business sense, but because investing in state-of-the-art technology is an investment in our patients’ health and overall well-being. It’s part of our comprehensive service to have the best equipment in order to offer the best care.”

  1. Flexible Payment Options, including the In-House Membership.

“While working as a dental assistant, I never really considered the costs of dental work for a patient.  However, in my role as the office manager, I am deeply sensitive to it,” said Beth.  “I never want anyone to neglect sound dental care because they are concerned about cost.  We offer flexible payment options and extend credit to anyone with a credit score of over 450.

“Additionally, we offer an In-House Membership plan for those without insurance.  This is an innovative plan devised by our own Dr. Roberts, who wanted to ensure that dental care was affordable, even for those without insurance.  Membership includes two fully-covered dental cleanings, exam, and x-rays for a year, along with 15% off restorative procedures, including fillings, crowns and extractions.  Our team is doing what it takes to make dental care available for anyone.”

  1. VA Benefits for Veterans.

“Another unique aspect of our dental practice is that we are one of very few Winston-Salem offices that accept VA benefits for veterans. We appreciate our military personnel, and not only do we accept their benefits, but we also offer military discounts to their spouses.”

  1. Caring, Compassionate Staff.

“We have such an amazing staff.  In addition to Drs. Lor and Roberts, both exceptional dentists who have a gift of putting patients at ease, we have a team of hygienists and support staff who truly love what they do.  It makes coming to work such a joy, and the mutual respect found here is felt by our patients.  We have a team who really cares and offers compassionate service to all our patients.”

  1. Family-Oriented Environment.

“Our practice isn’t limited to adults or children.  We are a family practice that can care for everyone—from the youngest to the oldest member of any family.  We feel like a family at work, and we love serving the families who have entrusted their dental care to our practice.”

10. Same-Day Appointments.

“We will do whatever we can to accommodate the busy schedules of our patients,” explained Beth. “While we want our patients to schedule their appointments, we know that sometimes emergencies happen.  We offer same-day visits for emergency appointments and do our best to accommodate those who need same-day dental care.”

11.  A Patient-First Commitment.

“Most of all,” continued Beth, “We are patient-centric.  At the heart of our core values—it’s all about our patients.  We care about them, and we want them to enjoy healthy smiles and feel confident in their dental health. It’s the foundation of our practice and the driver behind every decision we make.”

“Vivid Dental is a one-of-a-kind practice.  We are comprehensive and forward-thinking, but conservative in our approach.  We work to find solutions that meet the needs of our patient’s health, as well as their finances, in a clean, warm, safe environment that is designed to make the trip to the dentist something to look forward to.”

Vivid Dental Winston is located at 755 Highland Oaks Drive, Suite 106, in Winston-Salem.  Call their office at 336.774.1771 or visit online at The office is open Monday – Thursday from 8 AM – 5 PM and on Fridays from 8 AM – 1 PM.  Be sure to like their page on Facebook.  Vivid Dental also has locations in High Point, Greensboro, and Raleigh.


Vivid Dental respects the time of their patients, specializing in time-efficiency without rushing through the appointment.  In the days before their patient’s appointment, Vivid Dental sends them the paperwork to complete before their arrival, which helps reduce person-to-person contact and insures less wait time upon arrival.  All patients go through a COVID screening, blood pressure screening, and oral cancer screening.


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