Piedmont Ear Nose and Throat Associates, PA “A Trusted Friend”

When Salem ENT Associates and Forsyth Head & Neck merged in 1999 to form Piedmont Ear Nose & Throat Associates (PENTA), their combined years of experience served to enhance the medical expertise and patient care available to Forsyth County and beyond. More than twenty years later, PENTA’s commitment to first-class care and personal attention to detail is stronger than ever.  Each physician is board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology–Head  & Neck Surgery and is highly skilled to provide care to both adults and children. They continue to embrace a variety of new techniques and technology to better serve patients and their families.

Because children often face a variety of age-specific ear, nose and throat issues, this article will highlight the specialized care available to the youngest PENTA patients. If your child suffers from chronic ear infections or sore throats, your pediatrician will likely refer you to an otolaryngology specialist, like those at PENTA. Each of the eleven physicians and two physician assistants are especially qualified to treat your child’s allergies and other immune diseases, as well as recognizing conditions that can affect their development. Dr. William McGuirt, Jr., one of the physicians at PENTA, is a pediatric ENT specialist and provides here some tips to keep your children healthy and happy in the upcoming season.

“One question parents often ask during the summer months is whether their child’s recurring ear and throat infections are due to allergies, swimmer’s ear, or something else entirely.  Allergies are the leading cause of ear problems in children over the age of five, which can affect their development, and can be easily diagnosed in our office. Swimmer’s ear is identified by pain to the touch of the child’s ear and by the presence of drainage from the ear,” explains Dr. McGuirt. “On the other hand, middle ear infections are not typically painful to the touch and do not produce drainage. While waiting to see one of our providers at PENTA, hold a hot compress or warm cloth against the ear for comfort at home, and apply apple cider vinegar drops to each ear.”

“If you notice ear infections occurring more than four times in a six-month period or five to six times within a year; if your child complains of persistent fluid in their ear; or if you see any evidence of hearing loss, your PENTA physician may advise that tubes be placed in the child’s ears to relieve these symptoms and prevent further infections.  This out-patient procedure can be performed year-round, but scheduling this and other surgeries (tonsil and/or adenoid removal) during the summer months is generally less disruptive to the child’s attendance during the school year and may allow for a healthier winter overall. “Removing the tonsils can require a recovery period of 7-10 days, making it difficult to remain in school and participate in other activities,” notes Dr. McGuirt.

The entire PENTA staff are committed to excellence and are here to help you!  Patients, both young and young-at-heart, find the physicians to be accessible, thoroughly professional and skilled at easing the stress of those in need of surgery.  That’s why you’ll hear words like “friendly,” “knowledgeable,” “kind,” and “compassionate” when those thankful patients and their loved ones describe the providers at PENTA.

Piedmont Ear Nose & Throat Associates, a trusted medical partner for both adults and children in need of ENT care, has conveniently located offices in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Kernersville, and Mt. Airy.  Learn more about their team and services at www.piedmontent.com or call (336) 768.3361.

Summer Tips for Healthy Ears:

  1. Keep water and liquids out of the ear as much as possible.
  2. Shake out any trapped water inside the ear after exiting a pool, lake, or the ocean.
  3. Frequent swimmers should consider wearing earplugs or a swimming cap.
  4. Avoid cleaning the ears with anything, including fingers or cotton swabs. Earwax protects the ear canal and does not need to be removed.



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