The Kitchen Tune-Up Team

Kitchen Tune-Up started in 1988, and after decades of fine-tuning their process, they franchised in 2017.  Peter Mahoney is a local franchisee (or “Tunie,” as the Home Office folks, or “Homies,” refer to them) for the Triad.  For this edition of Forsyth Family, Peter and his team are excited to introduce themselves and their business to Forsyth Family readers!


Kitchen Tune-Up offers a bold promise:  A complete kitchen transformation in five days!  Not only is their business model based on efficiency, but it’s also cost-effective.  Peter shared, “A kitchen tune-up is about giving an existing kitchen space a facelift,” said Peter.  “If the bones are good, we can bring cost-effective solutions to the homeowner.”

Through excellent service, experienced professionals, and a great selection of products—homeowners can quickly add value to their homes with a Kitchen Tune-Up!


Tenure at Kitchen Tune-Up:  3 years

Peter Mahoney spent ten years in Boston working in remodeling, while Rebecca is retired from the US Air Force.  They knew they wanted to pursue entrepreneurship and began to look into their options.  When they found Kitchen Tune-Up, they knew they had found the perfect business model.

As a family-owned business, Peter and Rebecca have a great love for the Winston-Salem community.  In fact, it was because of Kitchen Tune-Up that they relocated to the area three years ago and quickly discovered the great features and benefits offered in the Triad.  “Choosing to move to Winston-Salem to open our business was a major change for us,” explained Peter, “But it has been a great move.  It’s been time-consuming to build the business, but we still enjoy taking time off and discovering more about our new hometown.  Rebecca and I love the outdoors and especially hiking.  We have had fun finding all the beautiful areas to hike in and around the Piedmont!”

“Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has been an important part of our growth plan,” Peter explained.  “It’s not all about profit margins and bottom lines.  Our business has had an impact on my team’s life.  I love the fact that, as a small business, we get to employ people in our community.  The responsibility is not lost on us—it’s part of the “shop-small” movement.  Everything we do has an impact—from our customers to our employees to our community.”

When Peter isn’t working, and Rebecca isn’t teaching water aerobics at the neighborhood pool, they enjoy catching up with Peter’s 23-year-old daughter, Allison, who still lives in Massachusetts.  

Also, they both enjoy spending time in the kitchen.  “While I do most of the cooking, Rebecca has some great Mexican recipes that I love for her to make—especially her Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas and Albondigas!”


Tenure at Kitchen Tune-Up:  3 months

Brian is often the first person Kitchen Tune-Up clients meet.  As the Kitchen Specialist, Brian helps homeowners make decisions about their kitchen transformations.  According to Brian, the most common question he gets asked is, “What is this going to cost, and how quickly can you get it done?”

Brian explained, “We start by eliminating choices.  By removing the “No’s” first, we simplify the final selection and help remove some of the “overwhelmed” factor.  Additionally, we spend time talking with our clients before we even do the in-home consultation.  This enables us to get to know them better on the front end, so we can offer the best options in order to fit their needs and their budgets.

“Overall—I love that every day of my job is different,” Brian continued.  “Every day brings the opportunity to meet new people and offers new challenges.  I thrive on that.”

Brian has sent more than 20 years working in the home services field and in his free time, he enjoys playing music and visiting with his three children—who are all young adults.


Tenure at Kitchen Tune-Up:  1 year

Dana serves as the Job Support Specialist for Kitchen Tune-Up, and for her, it’s all about teamwork in action!  “We each play an important role in the process, and we’re all working toward a common goal,” Dana said.  “We aim for top-notch customer service and work hard to build lasting relationships with our clients.”

“My job,” she continued, “is to set appointments, verify information about projects, and often—serve as the bridge between the project manager, installation team, and the clients.  So, communication is a big part of my job.  And what I find most rewarding is getting to hear the excitement from our client as our team transforms their old kitchen into a dream kitchen!”

Dana has been married to her husband for 25 years, and together, they have two children.


Tenure at Kitchen Tune-Up:  2 years

Tony serves as the Lead Technician for Kitchen Tune-Up, and he is exceptional at what he does.  “I just love the variety of this job,” he explained.  “Every day is something new.  I enjoy meeting our clients and knowing that our work makes a difference in their daily lives.  I love that we can create a space where memories are made, and meals are prepared and shared.”

When he’s not renovating kitchens, Tony enjoys working with his hands and is generally busy in his personal workshop doing woodworking.  He is married with two sons and three grandchildren.


Tenure at Kitchen Tune-Up:  8 months

Retired US Marine Don Newton is the Cabinet Technician at Kitchen Tune-Up, and he loves the job.  “This job is never boring.  There’s something new every day, and I enjoy that.  It’s fun, too, to watch the transformation.  Homeowners often get overwhelmed by the amount of work, but we do this all the time.  I always encourage our clients to trust the process, and they won’t be disappointed.”

Not only does Don work on cabinets, he also specializes in tile work.  He installs all the tile backsplashes for Kitchen Tune-Up.

In his free time, Don loves spending time with his wife, their four children, and three grandchildren.  He also loves fishing, hiking, and anything that gets him outdoors.


Tenure at Kitchen Tune-Up:  3 years

While he doesn’t pull his weight as much as the others, Fransisco Blu makes up for his lack of productivity through sheer cuteness and a little hint of puppy breath.  A French Bulldog, Fransisco Blu is living his best life alongside his humans, Peter and Rebecca, as well as his favorite chew toy—Mr. Gorilla.  He loves hanging out in the kitchen with his humans and is always excited when his favorite food—green beans—falls off the counter.  

Now that you know the team, does your kitchen look like it’s ready for a Tune-Up?

Kitchen Tune-Up is based in Clemmons, NC, and serves the Winston-Salem, High Point, and Greensboro areas.  Financing is available.  Contact Kitchen Tune-Up at 336.970.3419 or e-mail Peter at  Visit the website at and be sure to like them on Facebook.


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