The Ginther Group Giving Their All to Welcome Clients Home!

Authenticity is more than just a buzzword for Blake Ginther, and when he speaks of being truly authentic, he means in both words and actions. Blake describes himself as a bit “old school” when it comes to approaching client relationships, which is a plus for The Ginther Group’s fortunate clients who know they are building a long-term bond with Blake and his team.


“We live in a slightly strange, social-media based world, where people are more about how they seem than how they are,” explains Blake. “I intend to learn what matters most to my clients and support their desires and needs by both my actions and words.”


Blake chose to set up the group’s offices at Keller Williams Realty Elite in Winston-Salem in 2015, after working as a Realtor in the Triad since 2009. “I wanted to help others achieve the success I had found in this area,” he says. “Since then, our team has helped 1,500 families from Yadkinville to High Point and from Pinnacle to Lexington. We also have three expansion partners we work with in Greensboro, Burlington, and Chapel Hill, to guide people relocating to those areas.”

There are currently 15 agents, including Blake, at the Winston-Salem office, and many of them were born and raised in the area, and have so much to offer in local knowledge.


“We are always interested in helping talented agents at all experience levels find ways to grow their careers, and we have a phenomenal operations team that can support agents here in the Triad or other parts of the state,” explains Blake. “I am so proud to be in business with all the people on our team, from agents to administrative staff.”


While springtime is notoriously the busiest time of year for Realtors, Blake says recently, all seasons have remained pretty action-packed. In the current market, he believes it’s timed around jobs and schools, combined with the inevitable holidays and spring breaks, which have been quite different since the pandemic. Amid the Covid-19 challenges, there has been a bright spot!


“The bright spot has been how much the pandemic has increased our line of work,” explains Blake. “People are scrutinizing their homes like never before, as they’re spending more time in them than ever before. The challenge has been doing our jobs safely in the middle of a global pandemic. I think the local real estate community has walked the extremely fine line of continuing to help folks buy and sell, while respecting Covid-19 and being extremely cautious.”


For Blake – and the team he inspires every day—their business philosophy is solidly built around giving. “One of my favorite books is Go Giver, and I believe if you live every day doing your best to help others achieve their goals, there is zero chance we all won’t win! Thousands of people move every year, and Realtors shouldn’t expect folks to buy or sell before they are ready.”


Remembering his passion even at the tender age of six when he announced he wanted to be an architect, Blake has always felt successful Realtors need to strongly like houses or people, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be both. But he’s fortunate that for him, it really is both!


“The impact one’s primary home (or an investment home, for that matter) has on a life is profound, and the combination of personal memories, financial gains, tax benefits, and life stories told again and again makes the process of buying a home one of the most special and important times of their life,” he says.


Blake is dedicated to making an impact on the city of Winston-Salem, including impacting his clients’ lives, his partners’ lives, and of course, his family, and his entire team at The Ginther Group is just as enthusiastic about what they do every day.


“If you treat everyone with love and respect and help them with any real estate-related needs throughout the entire time they are in their home, you’ll have clients for life,” he says.


The Ginther Group is located at 1100 S. Stratford Road, Suite C300 in Winston-Salem. Reach them at 336-283-8689 and learn more about their services and featured homes online at



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