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Left to Right – Melissa Schoon, Matt Hearn, Barry Amburn, Joey Perkins, Carol Uselman, Chip Wilcox, Kimberly Stone, Cindy Edwards

Every organization has a starting point, and every business has a story. It’s the cycle we all experience—either as individuals, families, or professional networks.  Cannon Wealth Management is no exception.  Built on a reputation that is 70 years strong, Cannon Wealth Management has a unique story—their own personal footprint in the tapestry of what makes Forsyth County such a special place to live…work…and do business.

To tell the story of Cannon Wealth Management, we have to start with Cannon & Company, LLP.  Cannon & Company is a Winston-Salem-based accounting firm that has provided sound and reliable accounting, auditing, and tax expertise for over 70 years.  Founded on a commitment to quality services and professional excellence, Cannon & Company has been a trusted resource for generations.  

While the focus for decades was solely on accounting, legislation was passed in 2000 that allowed Certified Public Accountants to serve also as financial advisors.  Intrigued by this new opportunity, Cannon & Company recognized the opportunity to help their clients manage their money from a different perspective, and to approach financial planning from a more holistic viewpoint, helping their clients see the bigger picture with their money.  While CPAs traditionally look for the tax advantage, Cannon felt like this was a wonderful opportunity to expand and slowly transition into a CPA firm that could handle both accounting and financial planning.  The result was more of a one-stop-shop for finance.

From all of that—Cannon Wealth Management was born.  Senior Partner Barry Amburn, CPA, still has his feet planted in both divisions of the business. “I worked with my late business partner, Richard Tamer, to build Cannon Wealth Management,” he explained. “We saw a way to bring a holistic vision of money management to our clients based on six key pillars—Investment Planning, Risk Management/Insurance, Tax Planning, Estate & Legacy Planning, Cash Flow Management, and Retirement Planning.”

He continued, “In 2012, we became partners with LPL Financial –the largest independent broker-dealer in the country.  That relationship enables us to be client-focused and choose what is in the best interest of our clients.”  

Barry went on to say, “As part of our growth strategy, we added Matt Hearn to the team. Matt has brought so much to the table, because he excels at helping clients see the big picture.  It can take up to a year working with a client to get them on the right track, and his thorough understanding of finances can help a client through the many variables that come into play from taxes, estate, and insurance.”

“Because of the groundwork that was laid early on in our company,” Barry said, “We are able to offer comprehensive financial solutions for individuals, families, non-profits, and businesses—including financial planning, insurance, and 401(k)s. In addition, we collaborate with attorneys to help our clients navigate the legalities of their estate planning, and ensure that all financial decisions help our clients reach their ultimate goals and objectives.”

Throughout the years, Cannon Wealth Management has continued to grow, including adding Cindy Edwards. “Cindy had so much experience in the industry.  She was able to oversee our operations because she has such a firm understanding of the processes involved with the industry. In addition, she is a certified retirement plan specialist and helps with our clients’ insurance needs. With her support, we were able to keep expanding.”

Joey Perkins joined the team in 2014, and according to Barry, “makes it his personal mission to make sure every client has the best possible outcome with their investments.  With a strong history of working both in accounting and taxes, as well as financial planning, Joey has a robust background, making his knowledge a great asset to Cannon Wealth Management.”

“We also have Chip Wilcox, who took a bit of a scenic route to us.  His previous experience with BB&T, Merrill Lynch, and owning his own firm gave him a ton of experience before he merged with us in 2020.” Barry explained, “Chip loves working with people and specifically, helping them take an idea, make a plan, and then—see it accomplished. He’s all about actionable steps.”

Barry said, “There’s no time like the present to start investing.  We especially want to see the 20-somethings make the most of this time. It’s the best time to start thinking of retirement.  Our firm is committed to helping make the experience as painless as possible.  We have Kimberly Stone handling our marketing and client relations. She’s an exceptional outside-the-box thinker who has helped us find creative ways to encourage people to start investing and making financial plans now, rather than later.  For instance, we offer frequent webinars through social media and hold seminars to educate all of our clients on financial best practices.”

“Carol Uselman has been with us since 2001 and has become our in-house analyst. As such, she helps develop portfolios that reflect our clients’ individuality. The whole thing is pulled together,” said Barry, “by our incredible administrative assistant, Melissa Schoon, who has an impeccable eye for detail and is able to juggle our schedules with ease and precision.”

Cannon Wealth Management is a friendly, engaging company with a genuine love for people, community, and service. “No one is just a name at this company,” Barry said. “Every client has a story. It’s their respective stories that have shaped ours.”

Cannon Wealth Management is located at 2160 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. Call the office at 336.231.6844, or visit Also, be sure to like their page on Facebook and follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Securities and advisory services are offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC


The Cannon Wealth team is a diverse, fun-loving group of people who work hard and enjoy what they do.  This is a group that is mutually respectful of each other’s talents and expertise and also genuinely cares about the clients they serve.

Barry Amburn, CPA

A licensed CPA, Barry is a partner and LPL Financial Advisor.  He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the NCACPA.  He holds Series 7 and 66 registrations through LPL Financial, as well as comprehensive insurance licenses. He is a graduate of Western Carolina University and a Navy veteran.

Matt Hearn, ChFC, CFP

Matt is a partner at Cannon Wealth Management as well as an LPL Financial Advisor.  He holds Series 7 and 66 registrations through LPL Financial and life, health, and long-term care insurance licenses. In addition, he’s a Chartered Financial Consultant and Certified Financial Planner.  Matt graduated from Pensacola Christian University.

Joey Perkins, CPA

Joey is a partner and LPL Financial Advisor.  He holds Series 7 and 66 registrations through LPL Financial as well as comprehensive insurance licenses.  He is also a licensed CPA.  Joey graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in accounting.  

Chip Wilcox

Chip is a partner of the firm as well as an LPL Financial Advisor.  He holds Series 7, 66, 24, and 63 registrations through LPL and is licensed in life, health, and long-term care insurance.  He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Cindy Edwards, CRPS

Cindy is the Director of Operations and an LPL Financial Advisor.  She holds Series 7, 63, and 65 registrations through LPL Financial and North Carolina life, health, and LTC insurance licenses. She’s also a Charted Retirement Plan Specialist. 

Carol Uselman, AAMS

An LPL Financial Advisor, Carol serves not only as an in-house analyst and investment management specialist – she’s the unofficial historian of Cannon Wealth Management. She is also an ordained chaplain and will frequently deploy to areas suffering from natural disasters. Carol is a graduate of Elizabethtown College.

Kimberly Stone

Kimberly has over 15 years working in the financial and insurance industry. She loves talking to people and frequently calls on clients simply to check in.  She manages our website and organizes various seminars and webinars for the firm. In addition, she’s responsible for the firm’s digital marketing and communication efforts.

Melissa Schoon

Melissa is the administrative assistant who has been with the organization since 2016.  She brings a strong background in accounting administration to the table.



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