The Benefits of Adopting Rescue Dogs

When I was in eighth grade, I started asking my parents for a dog. I had never had a dog before, but I knew I was ready to have a furry friend. One Saturday, my dad took me to an adoption fair in Winston-Salem. I walked through the line of dogs that were available for adoption and then when I looked back towards the front of the line, I saw my sweet Bailey. My eyes locked with her eyes, and I immediately knew that she was going to be my first dog. I got to spend seven amazing years with Bailey. Having a rescue dog allowed me to show love to Bailey, but in reality, she showed me more love than I could have imagined. I am passionate about rescuing dogs, and I desire to share why it is beneficial to consider adopting a rescue dog.

  • A New, Hopeful Life: When you adopt a rescue dog, you are giving that dog hope for a better life moving forward. Many rescue dogs have unknown pasts that are often not positive experiences. The fortunate truth is that we can give these dogs a safe, happy home to live in despite their past experiences. When Bailey first came to our house after we adopted her, I could tell that she was unsure. She sniffed around and seemed to be a little afraid. However, as time went on, she quickly warmed up to our family and made herself right at home. Even though I am not sure what Bailey experienced before she came to the rescue organization, it was comforting to know that she had a hopeful life ahead of her as a part of our family.
  • A Love Beyond Measure: I never knew just how powerful a dog’s love could be before I had my first dog. Being able to come home and have Bailey wagging her tail at me, spinning in circles and jumping up on me made me extremely happy. Being able to show love to Bailey by giving her hugs, treats and taking her on walks, etc. was meaningful to me because it showed her that she was loved. As my mom often tells me, “Bailey brought out something in me that I didn’t know I had in me.” Rescue dogs may have never experienced true love in their lives before. Frequently, rescue dogs come from unstable situations. Therefore, when a rescue dog has an owner who shows them genuine love, they quickly show that genuine love right back which is amazing. Knowing that I had a sweet friend who would lay beside me and follow me around everywhere made me feel so loved.
  • Supporting Local Rescue Organizations: When you rescue a dog from a local organization, you are providing essential support that helps these organizations continue to provide rescue dogs with loving homes. There are many local rescue organizations in the Winston-Salem area. I recommend searching on Google for rescue dogs available for adoption in your area, and plenty of websites will come up from various organizations. I am thankful for rescue organizations that spend time rescuing dogs, rehabilitating them, locating available foster parents and finding permanent, loving homes for them. Even by dropping off dog supplies, you are making a positive impact on the groups of people who dedicate time to furthering a new, hopeful life for rescue dogs.

After reading this article, I hope that you will consider the importance of providing rescue dogs with loving homes. By rescuing a dog, donating supplies or being a foster parent, you are making a positive difference in the lives of dogs that are ready to experience true love.





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