Teacher Appreciation Month: Gift Ideas for Teachers by Teachers

“Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.” ~ Fred Rogers (“Mister Rogers”)

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd to May 6th, and in acknowledgement of all the amazing things that teachers do in our children’s lives, this is the perfect time to show how much they are truly appreciated! 

When it comes to showing appreciation, however, a lot of parents and students feel a little stuck on what to do, or how to show they care. Here are a few simple tips and direct insight from teachers themselves on what kinds of things mean the most!

Add a Personal Touch

“My favorite gifts have been personalized items. When the parent goes the extra mile to have something embroidered or personalized with my name on it, it really means a lot. I also really like gift cards to different places [stores, services, etc.]. It’s a safe choice for parents since it gives me a chance to pick out something that I truly enjoy or need.”

~ Amber, Kindergarten & Elementary School (12 years teaching), Forsyth County, NC

Make it Thoughtful

“I love it when I receive little presents throughout the year for no special reason. Our school collects a little list of each teacher’s favorite things and posts it: “favorite magazine,” “favorite drink,” “favorite dessert, etc.” Parents can look at the list and surprise you with a coffee the way you like it or a little sweet treat. Those are my favorites!” 

~ Madison, Elementary School (11 years teaching), Davie County, NC

Share Something Useful or Special

“My love language is gifts, so I love it all!  I especially love useful things like stickers, fun pens, markers, etc. For things that don’t cost anything, just a quick note of appreciation or a picture from your child always brightens my day. It’s honestly just nice to know we were thought of and appreciated.”

 ~ Bethany, Elementary School (11 years teaching) Hernando County, FL

Notice the Little Things

“Items related to our subject areas are really nice. Students saw that I had a collection of globes in the classroom, so I occasionally got a globe or maps. It’s actually not tacky at all to ask a teacher what they like. A thought to add might be to send a questionnaire to the teacher at the beginning of the year asking what they may or may not like.” 

 ~ Chris, Middle School (8 years teaching) Hernando County, FL

Remember Specials and Extracurriculars

“Many of us will have your child from kindergarten through fifth grade, and even if it’s only once a week, we love getting to see your children grow. While we know many families do not have the means to purchase presents for every teacher; even a handwritten note, a picture drawn by your child, or a small memento just to say, ‘Thank you for what you do’ makes a special teacher feel truly appreciated!”

 ~ Brooke, Elementary School Music (15 years teaching) Marion County, FL 

While just one week is definitely not enough to celebrate everything the teachers in our lives do, this dedicated moment allows us to recognize the Indispensable work they do all year long! Whatever way you choose to show appreciation this month, I’m sure your child’s teacher will be so grateful.



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