Taylor Physical Therapy & Wellness A new look at self-care for women!

The word “wellness” pops up everywhere these days, and in our information-saturated world that now includes a pandemic, it’s comforting to find a new business owner who is 100% dedicated to defining wellness for what it truly is while focusing on some very personal women’s issues.

As a wife and mother of two small children, Winston-Salem native Dr. Katie Taylor recently moved back to the area, and while exploring career opportunities, immediately recognized a need for pelvic floor, breast cancer, and pain treatments for women. That nudged her entrepreneurial spirit, and she decided to launch her own dedicated practice providing care in these areas in a unique manner, and most of all, empowering women to know and understand their wellness options!

Most unique to her business is that Katie offers service inside TinderBox Fitness for Women in Winston-Salem, along with specialized in-home visits. No doctor referral is needed, as she performs her own patient evaluations, and telehealth options are available during the pandemic.

“I opened Taylor Physical Therapy & Wellness in October 2020, and also offer in-home visits for patients who do not feel comfortable traveling to our clinic,” says Katie, noting many of her patients are new moms or have cancer, and are being very cautious during Covid. “To my knowledge, I’m the only clinic in this area that offers both those services!”

Katie graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2012 and received specialized training at Stanford University for the treatment and management of lymphedema.

Focusing on prenatal, postpartum, oncology, and orthopedic health needs for women, Taylor Physical Therapy & Wellness provides the education and relief women need most during pregnancy or during a breast cancer journey.

“I love it when a woman comes to me and leaves that same day feeling well enough to go home and live her life!” she says. “Wellness encompasses sleep habits, nutrition, stress levels, and, of course, exercise, but small steps and smart decisions can go a long way to improving a woman’s overall wellness. I help them make small, manageable changes to help both their body and mind!”

“I don’t know of any other physical therapist treating breast cancer this way in the area, which is partly why I started my own practice,” says Katie. “Also, I saw too many of my friends and patients being told by other providers their symptoms were “normal.” There are often very good treatment options for pain, leaking, swelling, and other limitations for women. My practice has had so much interest and excitement in the past month, with several other providers reaching out to say they are so glad I’m doing this because there is such a need! It really feels good to be helping women in our community.”

Katie especially loves working with pregnant women.

“When a woman is pregnant, too often she is experiencing back pain and is told that it’s “normal” and will go away once the baby arrives,” she explains. “This is simply not true! While many women do experience pain during pregnancy, there are effective treatments that are safe and gentle to both mom and baby.”

Katie also focuses on helping moms stay active as they prepare for delivery. Many are not sure what is safe to do during pregnancy, and unfortunately, don’t exercise at all. In most cases, it is safe to exercise throughout pregnancy, but it can be helpful to have guidance from a professional, since each trimester’s exercise regimen should look different. For women at all life stages, Katie also addresses what was once a taboo subject patients didn’t feel comfortable mentioning to their providers – pelvic floor issues – and she offers real, lasting relief for common problems such as incontinence, pelvic pain, or painful intercourse.

Currently the sole provider, “Dr. Katie” plans to add another staff member next year. In the meantime, she’s focused on growing her practice and meeting every patient’s individual needs, with an ultimate goal of building a holistic center just for women!

“I think this has been an incredible blessing to open my own practice!” says Katie.

Also a true believer in managing pain and swelling during and after breast cancer treatment, Katie has just completed a three-part series on lymphedema on her social media and YouTube channel.

“Lymphedema is a condition that can develop when a woman has breast cancer and has undergone radiation therapy or lymph node removal as part of her treatment,” explains Katie. “Prevention is key, but early detection is also critical.”

As a board-certified Orthopedic Specialist, Katie also includes work with orthopedics – and osteoporosis – as part of the Taylor Physical Therapy & Wellness treatment lineup.

“Many women develop core weakness either following pregnancy or due to not performing regular core strengthening exercises,” she explains. “This can make us more susceptible to developing lower back pain and having alignment issues. It’s often overlooked how important a strong core and proper bending mechanics can be to spine health.”

When addressing patients with osteoporosis concerns, Katie stresses what many women don’t realize is that exercise is a hallmark treatment of this condition. With a goal of encouraging women to start off 2021 by taking steps to care for their bodies, Katie offers free 20-minute phone consultations to answer questions about all the services she provides!

Currently located within TinderBox Fitness for Women at 690 Jonestown Road, Suite 200C in Winston-Salem, you can call Taylor Physical Therapy & Wellness at 336-310-5038 for more information, visit taylorptandwellness.com, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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