Tami’s Devotion: A Masterpiece

My husband is an artist. It’s not his day job, but he’s quite good.  His work has won first prize in a few art competitions at the fair, and he’s even sold some of his stuff.   And, I can’t even begin to describe how much his work has improved over the past 20+ years that I’ve known him.

The other day, I was admiring one of his most recently finished pieces hanging in my dining room. I thought about how blessed I am that I have a husband who creates such beautiful things to adorn my walls. But, then I remembered some of the artwork he did when we first met. Honestly, I didn’t really like it. It just wasn’t my taste in style, color or subject matter. Even so, whenever he would give me one of his drawings as a gift, I always showed him my appreciation by hanging it on my wall.  Back then, I had a wall full of art that I didn’t really love, created by someone that I really did love.  Now, I’m happy to say: I love both the art and the artist!

I’m pretty sure that if I would have been less supportive and appreciative of his artwork early-on, he would have stopped creating it for me. Who pours their heart, soul and time into a gift knowing the recipient won’t appreciate it? I also wonder which of his efforts in other areas I might have unknowingly hindered by criticism.  Have there been attempts at romance, kindness, chivalry or adventure that I didn’t appreciate or recognize?

Let’s remember to recognize and support the efforts our spouses make to please us. Even when they don’t get it quite right.  When we paint with the colors of grace and thankfulness, using broad brushstrokes of support and encouragement, we will create marriage masterpieces.



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