Staying in for a Staycation

With Spring Break rapidly approaching, many families are setting the stage for a thrilling vacation. With this comes a great deal of thoughtful planning. For many, this means long hours of researching and scheduling flights, booking hotels, looking into excursions, making meal reservations at the local hot spots, and the list goes on and on. While getting out of one’s home city can be exhilarating and rejuvenating, for many, this infamous planning stage is extremely tedious and stress-filled. To add injury to insult, all of this comes with a hefty price tag.

Seeking a vacation that will not require the above-mentioned planning? Hoping to save some hard-earned dollars in lieu of dropping cash for flights, hotels, and meals? Then look no further than right out the front door—yes, a staycation may be exactly what we need.

How does this “staycation” exactly work? All it requires are some thoughtful ideas and a bit of mindfulness. First, we must be ready to do something we would not normally do in our home city. This means looking at the town through new lenses. Secondly, to truly enjoy this “staycation,” we have to actually believe we are on a “vacation.” This also means taking on the vacation mindset of “leaving our worries behind and taking a break from it all.” Ready to sign up for some easy ways to enjoy one of your own? Read on for five ideas to help craft a perfect trip “a-stay!”

Tip #1:  Figure out what exactly you would like to do: Yes, while we may not be going far, a bit of planning will still need to occur. However, this type of planning is less stressful and more fun. All it entails is sorting out what type of activity we would enjoy doing. Craving some fun in the sun? Consider a local waterpark. Craving culture-filled events? Research local museums. Needing to de-stress? Look into spa getaways. This time, let the planning begin!

Tip #2:  Set yourself a “staycation budget”: Even staying local can cost money. Therefore, it is vital to set a budget. Since we will not be dropping a big amount on flights, or filling up the car’s gas tank, we can now add those dollars into planning the exciting excursions! While it is important to not go overboard, the beauty of a staycation is, you can now splurge a little!

Tip #3:  Look at your local surroundings through new lenses. Since a staycation still is a vacation, it is important to act and view the city we live in as a tourist!  Jump online and research events, museums, restaurants, spas that are local. What is glorious about a staycation is how it can help us view our home city in a totally different light.

Tip #4:  Consider different types of lodging: While a staycation ensures that we do not have to spend a large amount on hotels, it still could be fun to book a different lodging for a true vacation feel. If we have a bit of extra after crafting a budget, we could consider looking into Airbnbs! This could be a fun take on putting ourselves in vacation mode. If this may be too pricey to try, consider camping. This is a cost-efficient way to enjoy the local outdoors in all its breath-taking entirety.

Tip #5:  Think small, not over the top: While camping under the stars or staying at a gorgeous Airbnb downtown might be amazing, it is also okay to plan a low-key staycation. Try going out and enjoying a matinee movie. Enjoy a brand-new restaurant and get dressed to the nines for this culinary experience. The beauty of this type of vacationing is that it is meant to de-stress us. Therefore, if the planning becomes cumbersome, take a step back and just ask yourself, what would be fun to do today ?



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