How to Stay Market-Ready: Tips from Jessica Ferris

One of the most stressful aspects of having a home on the market is making sure it’s in pristine condition every day.  You need to have your home ready to vacate at any point when you get the notice that someone wants to see the house…. But you also have to live there!  How do you manage to stay market-ready when you’re busy living life?  Local real estate professional, Jessica Ferris of Jessica Ferris Property Advisors / Keller Williams shared some great tips!

It Starts with Being Super Disciplined

“After getting the house ready, maintaining perfection is a challenge that many families struggle with,” said Jessica.  “After all, we’re busy!  We may have the house on the market, but we have places to be and things to do!  But a few simple steps added to the daily routine can help.  I always recommend that my clients make it a habit to turn the lights on, open the blinds, and make sure the clutter has been put away every time they leave the house.  Those three simple things alone are huge!”

Natural Light Sells a Home

Jessica explained, “There’s something about natural light that draws a buyer in.  Even older homes that need cosmetic updates show well if they have great natural lighting.  So if you’ve got it – flaunt it!  Fling those curtains open and make sure the blinds are open to allow the natural light to show off your home in a powerful way!”

Be Ready to Go

It’s Saturday morning, and you’ve just got the call!  No one has eaten yet, and now, there’s no time!  What do you do?  Jessica has a great tip for those scenarios: “Proactively plan for the scenario and have a few grab-and-go lunches in the fridge that you can throw in a bag for an impromptu picnic at the park!  You don’t want to mess up the kitchen to fix something before a possible buyer comes to take a tour.  Being proactive will be something you’ll be glad you did.  And your little ones may love the idea of an impromptu picnic so much, you may end up with a new family tradition!”

Hide ‘n Go!

“One thing I always recommend to my sellers,” shared Jessica, “are those pretty and inexpensive whicker cylinder baskets with a lid.  You can get them at Target.  Buy one for each room, and that way, when you get the call for a showing, you can throw stuff in the basket quickly to be put away later.”

Be Secure at a Moment’s Notice

“Thankfully, we have people we trust going into the house.  They are fully vetted, and we know who they are, where they work, and how to contact them.  However, things happen.  If you’re concerned about expensive belongings, either put them away or lock them up – especially jewelry and valuables.”

Be Open to Feedback

“Personally, I always screen the feedback on the homes I sell,” said Jessica.  “The feedback is designed to help give constructive feedback so that the sellers can be informed about why their home may have been passed over.  We take it very seriously, and we encourage homeowners to take the feedback with an open mind.”

Stay Up-to-Date on Repairs

“As a realtor, one of the things I offer my clients is a Home Warranty during their time on the market.  This way, they have an affordable option with only a $75 deductible they need to pay for repairs.  After all, no one wants to spend a lot of money on the house they are trying to emotionally detach from…. And wouldn’t it be horrible to have the HVAC system go out mid-summer or winter while you’re in the middle of trying to sell?  A potential buyer might be excited about it, but no seller wants that expense!”

It’s All About Communication

“There is no hard and fast rule about how much notice a seller gets,” said Jessica.  “Two to four hours is common, but it’s not always the case.  Sellers can stipulate that they need 24 hours’ notice.  And I’m okay with my clients changing that daily – especially if they have a housekeeper coming on a certain date, family in town, etc.  And let’s be honest, during COVID-19, we just need to give a little more grace – there are children being homeschooled now, parents working from home, and many other circumstances we might not be aware of.”

Stay Safe Showing Your Home During COVID

“I provide all sellers with hand sanitizer and masks to keep on the front porch,” said Jessica.  “This ensures that anyone who enters their home for a showing takes requested precautions.  I also recommend that the seller leave Clorox wipes at the front door if they prefer all knobs to be wiped down as a showing-realtor leaves the property.  And some sellers even ask for the lights to be left on at the end of a showing, preferring to turn them off themselves when they return home.  Communication is key during COVID so your realtor knows a seller’s preferences and everyone can feel safe and comfortable.”

Being on the market doesn’t have to be stressful!  Utilize some of Jessica’s tips, or better yet – call her!  Let her tell you in person!

Whether you’re shopping for a home or trying to sell one, contact Jessica Ferris at Keller Williams Realty Elite, located at 280 Charlois Boulevard in Winston-Salem. Call 336-602-0969. Visit online at Be sure to like or follow Jessica on Facebook and Instagram.



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