Spring Cleaning Like a Rockstar: Tackling the Entire House in One Weekend

Our plates are fuller than ever nowadays, and while Spring comes with what feels like the perfect time to clean out the house, it can seem like the biggest undertaking imaginable. (An undertaking that most of us—if we’re being honest—can’t imagine finding the time to take on.) What if you could tackle it all in one weekend, leaving you and your family feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your spring without being overwhelmed? 

Here is your one-stop-shop spring cleaning plan! Save this checklist, grab your favorite cleaning products (the more natural the better) and tell your family to get on board, because you’re about to get your “clean” on!

Step 1: Pick a Date 

Look at the calendar and choose a weekend without plans or interruptions. Select a time that you know you and any partners-in-crime can focus just on the house!

Step 2: Assign Roles 

Give specific tasks to whoever is helping spring clean their way through the day. Choose tasks based on each person’s specific skills and commitment levels. (Keep the kiddos’ tasks simple!)

Step 3: Set the Mood

The night before, prep the space by getting out all the cleaning supplies and appliances, organizers, rags, and do your best to put away clutter. Have some fun snacks and drinks ready for go-time! 

Step 4: Stay Focused

Don’t jump from room to room or inside to outside the home during your cleaning adventure! Stick to one room at a time when possible, so you can check things off more quickly. 

Step 5: Dust First, Grime Second

Make it make sense! Start by dusting things like ceiling fans, window valances and shelves to allow the dirt to fall downwards. Then wipe down counters and tabletops, working your way to doing the floors, where everything will fall. 

Step 6: Spray and Soak

Areas that need a lot of love, like showers, bathtubs and kitchen sinks, are perfect to spray with cleaner and let soak while you tackle another part of your cleaning list. The extra time will help the cleaner work its magic, then come back to rinse.  

Step 7: “Rehome,” Then Declutter 

Have organizers or garbage bags at the ready as you come across items that need to find a rightful place in your home, so you can go through it later.  Don’t waste a ton of cleaning time decluttering!

Step 8: Have a Cut-Off Time

You and your cleaning team will feel much better about tackling a big job, knowing there are breaks in-between. Make sure to schedule time for meals and a cut-off at night, so you aren’t going too long. 

Step 9: Take Out the Trash

After all the cleaning is done, you’ll be left with vacuum tanks to empty, bags of garbage, and possibly donations. Finish the time by getting it all out of your home.

Step 10: Celebrate

Seriously, this is your time to shine! Look at everything you accomplished. Don’t dirty up the kitchen after all of that, order delivery or takeout instead and relax in your clean home! 



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