Spring Bucket List – Fun Ways to Enjoy the Season & Rejuvenate Yourself


The chill in the air is almost gone, and finally, it is almost spring! This season is a wonderful time to reevaluate, cleanse and get out of your comfort zone. A great way to do that is by creating a spring bucket list and sticking to it. Below are some fun ideas to add to your list!

View the Cherry Blossoms at Reynolda Gardens

You don’t need to travel to DC to see one of the highlights nature offers every spring. In 2020, Reynolda Gardens planted 44 beautiful cherry trees. Now, every spring, they bloom, providing that iconic pink flower show. They tend to bloom on the earlier side of spring. Keep an eye on Reynolda Gardens’ website and social media for bloom updates.

Declutter Your Life

Instead of focusing on only spring cleaning this year, try focusing on decluttering. When people hear decluttering, they often think of merely going through things and tossing them. That’s partially true, but there is more to it than that. It’s a way to literally get rid of the old and refresh your house and your mind. So, tackle decluttering that junk drawer, your inbox or your wardrobe this spring.

Drink Infused Water

Water is one of the single most important things we consume. While it’s vital to our bodies, it can get a little boring to drink. Get creative with your water intake by trying infused water. The options or recipes are virtually endless. It also has numerous health benefits such as hydration, immune defense and blood sugar regulation.

Take a Winston-Salem Splash Pad Tour

Did you know there are 10 splash pads in Winston-Salem? Each has its own unique theme and offerings. They offer a great way to cool down prior to pools opening for the season. Take the time this spring to tour each one with the kids!

Pamper Yourself

Self-care is vital to your mental and physical health. Take time during this season of growth to focus on yourself. Self-care doesn’t always just mean a spa day. Pampering yourself could also be taking a walk or sipping tea on a patio. It’s anything that helps you feel refreshed and balanced.

Check Out the New, Reimagined Kaleideum

Last month, the new Kaleideum opened in downtown Winston-Salem. It’s truly a site that provides fun and mental stimulation for all ages. From water exhibits to a planetarium, there is learning and fun for everyone. Whether you need a way to keep the kids busy on a rainy spring day or just want to see something new, Kaleideum is the place to go!

Create a Nature Scavenger Hunt for the Family

One of the best things about a nature scavenger hunt is it is easy to tailor to any age. It is also a wonderful learning tool for the entire family. It can be as simple as finding pieces of nature, like rocks or flowers or as complex as finding all the native birds in the area. Have fun creating it as well as implementing it into your family’s routine.

Journal About New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

What are some areas in your life you want to focus on starting over? A clean slate doesn’t have to be simply an expression. Grab a journal and start writing down all those ways you will enjoy new beginnings this spring.

Take a Day Trip

This is a great time of year to get in the car and explore nearby destinations. Pick a small town, research all the things to do there and go check it out! Another great day trip idea is finding a spot to hike. This could be at a state park or one of the many NC locations that boasts beautiful waterfalls.

Read an Inspiring Book

Temporarily set aside your normal book genre, and look for inspirational books. They will help you feel renewed and motivated going into spring. Whether you prefer a physical book or e-book, there are countless options available. All you need to do is look!


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