Sept 2022 “From the Heart”

Summer is slipping by as Autumn approaches. Being the summer baby that I am, I hate to see it go, but like most folks, I’m ready for a dip in temps. Having lived here all my life, I enjoy the different seasons we appreciate here in the Piedmont. I can’t say I’m 100% excited about all the falling leaves to deal with, but I sure have enjoyed the beautiful majestic trees we are graced with at our new home.

School routines are back in place for those with school-age children and those working in the school system. Can I get a shout-out for all those teachers, administrators, custodians and bus drivers? Thank you for your commitment to educating our future generations!  

Busy times in the Bralley household! Wedding plans are well under way for Morgan and Deep. We have a venue now, therefore, we have a date. It’s pretty incredible how booked all these places are. Gone are the days of picking a date and then finding a venue, at least for now anyways. By the time you read this, most likely “the dress” will have been chosen. Still a myriad of things to work out, but at least some of the biggest decisions will have been made. Fingers crossed that by the time you are reading this, Briana and Jonathan’s house will be under construction as well. Hurry up and wait as permits, etc. get worked out. Backlog from lack of staff, etc.!

Kitchen Tune-Up is our cover focus this month. Mr. Fransisco Blu is living his best life sitting proud with his mom and dad, Rebecca and Peter. If you’ve been thinking of a kitchen remodel, be sure to call Kitchen Tune-Up! Activities abound and are scattered throughout the pages of this magazine. Wake Forest football and the Carolina Classic! Autumn is surely upon us!

Shout out to Ryann Michelle Photography! Just had to share this pic from our Florida vacation. I didn’t have these back in time to use in last month’s issue, but if you’re ever in the St. Pete/Tampa/Clearwater area and need photos. Ryann is your girl! She is adorable and so easy to work with. She took “save the date” photos for Morgan and Deep that were simply breathtaking. Check her out on Instagram @RyannMichellePhotography  




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