Realty One: A Different Kind of Real Estate Agency

Buying a house is a really big deal. There are so many moving parts involved and it is a substantial commitment. You have to think about location and price range, but even before you get to that part, you need to find an agent that you can trust. Someone that will take all of your needs into consideration. At Realty One, they know what you are looking for and are here to provide that. But it is about more than that, too. They also want to be a business centered on doing the right thing and giving back to the community they love.

Business owners Eric and Jessica Munger started Realty One in 2010, but their history began several years earlier. They met in 2002, while working together at a large corporation. They realized how well they worked together and how they could complement each other’s strengths in business and in life. In 2005, a friend of Eric’s convinced him to try real estate, and Jessica became increasingly interested in the marketing and operations aspect of the business. After searching for the right firm for them to work in and trying some on for size, they eventually decided that what they were looking for just didn’t exist. “We wanted to work for a company that didn’t put the financial bottom line first. It needed to be a place where the ethics and morals we believe in could be a priority, and we could help other agents grow. It became abundantly clear that we needed to start our own firm, so that is what we did.”  In 2010, they decided to open their own firm. “For us, operating a real estate company was primarily about doing business in a way that honors what God asks from us, to love Him and our neighbors with all that we are. That translates into putting people (both our clients and our agents) first, not the transaction or the bottom-line profit.”

Realty One started out as a small firm of agents working from their cars and homes. By providing their agents with a substantial amount of support and training, and putting the needs of agents and clients above the needs of the firm, they have seen amazing growth. Today they have an office in Winston-Salem, over 65 agents, and are now in the top 3% of real estate companies in the Triad. Their agents share in the vision of being locally focused and giving back to the community they call home. They also proudly stand behind their mission to create memorable, positive interactions with their clients that make them excited to count on Realty One for all their real estate needs.

Community Involvement

There is something really special about Realty One’s commitment to the community they love. The Mungers feel called to do more than just help their agents and clients; they feel called to give back to people who are less fortunate in this community. There are several ways that they work to fulfill this commitment. One of the organizations they partner with is Second Harvest Food Bank. For every closing Realty One has, they donate 200 meals. They are consistently working toward a goal of donating one million meals, and recently volunteered with several agents to sort food in the warehouse. Some of the other organizations they work with include Ardmore RAH, Davidson County Cancer Services, Habitat for Humanity and HOPE (Help Our People Eat) of Winston-Salem. Eric Munger said, “We love being able to partner with community organizations to give back and it makes it even better that our agents share in our community vision.”

What the Agents Are Saying

Realty One is truly proud of the services and support they offer their agents. That is just one of the things that sets them apart from other firms. Several agents were asked what made them choose to work for Realty One and what the best part of working with them is. Here is what they had to say:

Tim Gupton has been a Realtor since 2013 and started working for Realty One in May 2015. He has enjoyed watching the firm grow from 8-10 agents to over 60! He explained, “I was looking for a company that was more interested in helping their agents succeed than their bottom line. Realty One offered me the support I needed as an agent and even after six years and adding 50+ agents to the firm, they are still putting their agents first, above the firm. It creates a work environment that is friendly, fun and conducive to success for the agents.” He continued “I think the best part of being an agent at Realty One is the connection all the agents have with each other. There is no competitiveness here. All the agents look out for each other and support one another. That creates a culture like no other, and the results have shown amazing growth and success with all the agents and the firm.”

Lori Prescott has been in real estate for a little over a year and started with Realty One at the beginning of this year. Her career has always been focused on helping others, which has made the switch from the nonprofit sector to real estate very smooth. On her experience with Realty One, she commented, “Eric and Jessica, owners of Realty One, are always available to help out with my questions, go above and beyond assisting me with my goals, and truly care about my success in this business. They are so encouraging and caring, keep me motivated to achieve my goals and have wonderful, creative ideas to help me market and brand my business. I truly believe they love every realtor that works with them. They are very kind, honest, trustworthy, and have amazing personalities that draw people to them. I am blessed to work with them.”

Jenny Edwards is one of three partners on the Southern Signature Properties team at Realty One. Her team was looking for a firm that would fit their needs and decided on Realty One almost three years ago. “My partners and I were looking for a brokerage that led with integrity. Realty One was the perfect fit. No drama; no gimmicks…just hard-working, supportive owners that always have our backs. There is a sense of family here, and this family always supports each other and stands up for each other.”

Laura Kubicki has been an agent for three years, and with Realty One for one year. Prior to selling real estate full-time, she worked, for over 20 years, in several Fortune 500 companies in consumer marketing and sales. She was asked what made her want to work with Realty One. “I wanted to work with Realty One after speaking with Eric and Jessica because of their commitment to our clients, their agents, and the community we all live in together. The training, open-door policy and availability, respect for the individual and support of our creative initiatives to help our clients with their real estate needs in an ethical and collaborative way, has made for a wonderful work environment and is a strong selling point for folks looking to buy or sell a home. So many agencies are transactional in nature…Realty One really cares about people first.”

Jason Rubley has been a licensed agent for about three years and with Realty One for two and a half years. He has a focus on community commitment as a volunteer for United Way, ARC, Habitat for Humanity, 2nd Harvest Food Bank, and as a basketball coach. He loves how Realty One supports him as an agent, how they work to give back to the community he loves, and the welcoming family environment. “Realty One was very welcoming and willing to help me develop my business. Additionally, they have been very supportive of my family and community. Their constant philanthropic efforts in the Triad area was also a huge impacting factor.”

What the Clients Are Saying

Working with clients to make the buying and selling process smooth is one of the strongest parts of this business. They go above and beyond to provide exceptional service that results in loyal clients that are happy to sing their praises.

Heather Howell and her family worked with Realty One on two different occasions. The first was to sell a rental home they owned, which sold in just eight days! The second property was a little more complicated. It was a unique log cabin-style home, and at that time, log cabins were taking an average of 4.5 months to sell and were selling at least 5% under asking price. Realty One was able to sell their home in a little over two months and beat the average by negotiating the deal to only 4% under asking price. Heather had lots of great things to say about their experience. “We worked with Realty One to sell our house recently and were incredibly pleased with how professionally they handled all our interactions. From the first meeting until our closing, they answered every question and willingly assisted us with each component of the sale process. Their team worked quickly and efficiently to complete all the paperwork required, and we were under contract in eight days! Realty One comes with our highest recommendations!”

Joseph Salazar and his family turned to Realty One with a tight timeline to sell their house so they could move to Colorado for his job. They would have to leave NC mid-January no matter what the status of the home was. They placed the house on the market December 28th and it was under contract just a week and a half later. They were even more pleased that Realty One handled all the details leading up to their February 16th closing, even after they had already moved away.  Joseph affirmed, “They made the entire selling process painless and very easy. Communication and response time was very prompt and they were always available to us, even during non-working times.”

Brian Atkinson and his wife Susan were ready to downsize and contacted Realty One to get their house sold. They were able to work with them to get their home sold for 100% of the asking price!  Brian reflected, “I have purchased and sold several homes coast-to-coast throughout my career. I believe Realty One is one of the best agencies that I have employed. I strongly recommend their services and their very competent and helpful staff.”

If you are looking for an agent to help you with your real estate needs, look no further than Realty One. They are located at 3720 Vest Mill Road in Winston-Salem. The office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-4: 30 pm. You can contact the office at (336) 283-0983 or by e-mailing For more information, be sure to visit their website at



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