Play & Splash Destinations: Part 1 – Terrific Themes – Imaginations Will Soar at These Themed Playgrounds and Splash Pads

Warm weather is here to stay which means it is time to get outside! What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by playing at the playground or splashing at a splash pad? Luckily, Forsyth Country has so many amazing playgrounds and splash pads. So many that I’ll be doing a five-part series on them from May to September!

Terrific Themes Abound at These Parks 

Nothing is more fun than a great theme. Kids love them, and they make for fun add-ons to parks. Winston-Salem has eight different parks with themed playgrounds and/or splash pads. Each will let your child’s imagination soar!

Sedge Garden Park – Avast!

Both the playground and splash pad at Sedge Garden Park have a pirate theme. From checking out the treasure chest to steering a pirate ship, this place is full of pirate fun!

Location: 401 Robbins Road, Winston-Salem

Washington Park – Roar!

Aptly known as the Dino or Dinosaur Park, Washington Park has an impressive dinosaur-themed playground. The T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Dilophosaurus statues that are built into the playground are a huge hit with kids and dino-lovers.

Location: 1490 S Broad Street, Winston-Salem

The Quarry at Grant Park – Rock On!

This rock quarry turned park now features one of the city’s newest, and arguably coolest, playgrounds with its rock quarry theme. It has play excavators, embedded trampolines, a huge and impressive climbing tour, and all with an amazing view!

Location: 1790 Quarry Road, Winston-Salem

Leinbach Park – Ahoy!

This nautical-themed playground features the stern of a ship, the USS Leinbach. Kids’ imaginations will go wild with sailing playtime ideas from dropping an imaginary anchor to pretending to navigate the seas.

Location: 3635 Sally Kirk Road NW, Winston-Salem

Blum/Dinah D. Blanding Park – Mother Nature

This park captures the fun and whimsical aspect of nature. The playground is made up of structures resembling trees, rocks, plants and animals. From large cattail statues to a rope ladder leading to a tree structure hideout, there are plenty of climbing opportunities here. 

Location: 2401 Ivy Avenue, Winston-Salem

Oak Summit Park – Blast Off! 

At the center of the larger playground at this park is a structure that resembles a spaceship. Whether your child dreams of being an astronaut or simply loves outer space, it’s full of fun.

Location: 370 Oak Summit Road, Winston-Salem

Shaffner Park – Magical Adventure

Kids can pretend they are searching for dragons at this park and actually find one on the climbing structure. The other part of the playground resembles a ship, so kids can sail off on their magical adventures.

Location: 900 Yorkshire Road, Winston-Salem

Hathaway Park – Once Upon a Time 

This playground designed like a castle is the perfect spot to act out your little one’s favorite fairytale. Plus, beside the playground is a splash pad for cooling off on a hot NC day. 

Location: 301 Anita Drive, Winston-Salem

Be on the lookout for Part 2 of Play & Splash Destinations in next month’s issue. It’ll feature big water fun as I’ll cover all the splash pads in the area that are combined with pools.


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