A Patriotic Partnership between the Rye Foundation, Camp Corral, and Camp Hanes

For the child who has lost a parent in battle, or had one wounded in the line of duty, there’s a deep wound and sense of isolation.  They often feel misunderstood and, as a result, cope with complex emotions by acting out.  Thankfully, organizations like the RYE Foundation (Religion, Youth, and Education) and Camp Hanes have formed a patriotic partnership in order to bring “Camp Corral” to the area.

For two weeks each summer, 300 children who have experienced the loss of a military parent(s) are invited to experience the beauty of 300-therapeutic acres of camp at Camp Hanes in King, NC.

The camp experience at Camp Corral includes resources such as military-trained counselors who have extensive experience in working with military families.  The simple circumstance of being with other children who have shared experiences, coupled with the specially trained counselors and fun activities, acts as a balm to the souls of these children.  Camp Corral is available for children aged 8–15 who need to experience normalcy in a safe place where they can feel heard and understood.  Together, they come together united and enjoy the benefits of a camp experience while building their resiliency and confidence.

The Rye Foundation has contributed over $1 million to child-related projects, and has made gifts of $15,000 to provide scholarships for Camp Corral.  “The RYE Foundation has partnered with generous givers to cover the expenses of camp,” shared RYE Foundation President, Warren Steen.  “However, many campers are still on a waiting list, hoping for the funds that will enable them to experience Camp Corral for themselves.”  Indeed, funding for Camp Corral is available at many levels for any budget.  According to CampCorral.org, the levels include:

  • $25 – Provides a backpack to a camper.
  • $50 – Provides a backpack AND T-shirt to a camper.
  • $100 – Provides one day of a Camp Corral session to a camper.
  • $250 – Provides training materials for all staff working with the Camp Corral program.
  • $600 – Provides a week of camp for a camper.
  • $1,200 – Provides a week of camp for a camper AND a buddy.

These funds uniquely support our military families and are an investment in the future of these children.  Since 1927, Camp Hanes has touched thousands of lives and, with the support of leadership from Jen de Ridder (Executive Director), Amber Harris (Engagement Director of Development), and many others—it serves as an annual respite from the heartache of loss.

Could you give a donation, knowing that it would benefit the children of wounded, injured, ill, and fallen military heroes? 

All inquiries should be directed to Camp Hanes.  To help a child, call the Camp Hanes office at (336) 983-3131 and ask for Amber Harris or Carmina Eder.

To learn more about the Rye Foundation, visit RyeFoundation.org or call 336.760.2260.  You can also learn more by contacting CampHanes.org or CampCorral.org.


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