Paparazzi Hair Salon: Getting to the Root of Good Hair!

The average person has 100,000 strands of hairs on their head.  While that number fluctuates based on the individual and is obviously impacted by genetics and health—most people share a common concern for maintaining healthy hair, no matter how much or how little hair they may have. It’s why quality hairstylists are in demand—a fact that was made abundantly clear in 2020 during the onset of the pandemic when home haircuts were largely driven by frustration and desperation.  

Paparazzi Hair Salon is a trusted resource for many, because they care about much more than a great cut and a great style—they care about healthy hair.  Owners Jason and Bobbie Skinner have built a salon rooted (pun intended) in stellar hair care, quality products, and excellent service.


Bobbie shared, “We are a full-service hair salon and offer everything from haircuts to color to balayage to chemical and conditioning treatments, as well as perms, blowouts, styles, and updos.  We also offer specialty treatments like Botox for Hair, Olaplex Treatment, Wellaplex Treatment, Nioxin Scalp Renew, and Keratin Treatment.  We also offer full makeup options as well as brow, chin, and lip waxing.”  

“We specialize in hair services and offer a comprehensive menu that can be tailored to our client’s needs,” Bobbie continued. “Since hair comes in a variety of types and textures, our in-house expertise gives our clients peace of mind—knowing that we are familiar with all types of hair and can offer services and recommendations accordingly.”

Intergenerational Hair Care

“Our staff works with people of all ages,” said Bobbie. “We can care for everyone in the family—from baby to grandparents, as well as teens, moms, and dads.  We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on hair trends—both in care and style.  Our clients appreciate that we can keep up with the looks they want at whatever stage of life they are in.”

“I’m particularly proud of our team’s ability to make people of all ages feel welcome, cared for, and heard. That’s important—especially since our hair is so important to how we feel about ourselves.”  

“We have helped teach teenage girls how to care for unruly curls, so they can feel good about their looks…. We’ve helped style teenage boys’ hair to ensure that a cowlick works with their style, rather than against it. We’ve helped cancer patients transition during hair loss or hair regrowth.  We’ve helped women navigate the effects of time on their hair color.  There is a place for everyone and every age at Paparazzi Hair Salon.”

A Team That Cares

“Collectively, our team has over 145 years of experience in haircare,” explained Bobbie. “We are in this industry because we care.  Our skills go well beyond the ability to make someone’s hair look pretty. It’s all about helping people feel good about themselves.”

Bobbie shared, “Someone once said, ‘Invest in your hair.  It is the crown you never take off.’ With that in mind, we want our clients to feel cared for and know that we value and appreciate the importance of their hair.  I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t care about having clean, healthy hair.  Some people may appear indifferent, but often—that’s simply a mask for not having the know-how of haircare.  Our team loves to educate our clients on the options they have for beautiful hair.”

“It’s part of that caring attitude that keeps us going back for training, even after years of experience,” Bobbie continued. “The art of hair care is an ongoing, ever-learning, and growing practice.  Because of that—we are lifelong students of our craft.”

Wella Products

“We do not use or sell products unless we can proudly put our name and reputation behind them,” said Bobbie. “As such, we are exclusively a Wella-product salon.  We trust Wella and know the results speak for themselves.  Wella is the largest color line in the world; we are trained in the products and have access to some of the top haircare educators in the world.”

“Wella,” Bobbie continued, “offers products that will keep hair healthy, and healthy hair is easier to care for.  People should not have to sacrifice their hair’s health for the sake of a specific look.  Nor should healthy hair be expensive to care for or maintain.  We believe Wella offers affordable solutions.”

Special Occasions

“Prom season is around the corner, and right behind that—wedding season,” Bobbie said. “Whatever the occasion or the time of year, though, our team excels in updos and helping style hair for special occasions.”

“We strongly recommend booking updo appointments a minimum of six to eight weeks before the event,” Bobbie explained. “We recommend planning any special chemical or coloring treatments at least two to four weeks before an event.  We also ask our updo clients to bring a picture of their dress.”

Convenient Location

“Paparazzi Hair Salon is easily accessible from anywhere in the Triad,” said Bobbie. “Our location is in Clemmons, and the salon is minutes away from most parts of Winston-Salem and just off the interstate.  We are directly across from Village Inn Event Center, and our new neighbors are TRU Tae Kwon Do.  In short, we are easy to find!”

Award-Winning Salon

“We are very proud of—and grateful for—those who have recognized our commitment to our customers.  Paparazzi Hair Salon has been previously recognized by Yelp and the Winston-Salem Journal “Readers’ Choice Awards.”  Most recently, we were selected as “Best Hair Salon” in the Clemmons Courier “Best of 2021.”  We are thankful for our clients who voted and told the community that we are the salon that can be trusted.”

Family-Owned and Community-Minded

“My husband, Jason, and I are the proud owners of Paparazzi Hair Salon,” said Bobbie. “We opened the salon in 2013.  Jason handles the behind-the-scenes operations of the business, while I oversee the storefront operations. It’s been a great partnership.”  

“Additionally, we have invested tremendously in our community,” Bobbie continued. “We love our Clemmons location and are actively involved in our local Chamber of Commerce, as well as other community programs and events.  The ‘shop small’ attitude goes well beyond retail and is inclusive of all industries, including ours.  We believe in the local impact a small business like ours can make on a community, because we’ve seen it first-hand. Plus, it’s reciprocal.  Our clients show us their support, and we show them support in kind. It’s win-win.”

“When it comes to matters of the hair, it starts with matters of the heart,” said Bobbie. “And we approach everything we do from hearts of gratitude and service—believing that a great head of hair can empower others to be and feel their best.  So that’s what we do—one head of hair at a time.”

Paparazzi Hair Salon is located at 6000 Meadowbrook Mall Court in Clemmons. Call them at 893-7169. Visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram! Walk-ins are welcome!


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