Paid in Full

The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  ~ Romans 6:23

When someone gets paid for the work they do, the money they get is called “wages.” Have you ever helped Mom with a special job in the kitchen, like cleaning out the cupboard? Maybe she surprised you with some extra money, and she said, “You earned it.” Maybe you helped a neighbor rake the leaves in his yard. When you were done, he said, “You’re a good worker! I think you’ve earned a nice cold soda.” But sometimes our pay is just the happy feeling we have after we’ve done a good job.

Now let’s think about presents or gifts. Birthday presents. Christmas gifts. A surprise trip to the science museum. You don’t have to pay for a present, but someonehas to pay for it, don’t they?

Do you get paid for doing something wrong, mean, or naughty? You’re probably thinking, “No way!” But you might get paid for it with a time-out, a spanking, or no dessert after dinner.

The Bible uses the word “wages” for what we work for or deserve. Read the verse above. The payment for our sins is death. Sin kills us. We die. That’s a big payment, isn’t it? But Jesus paid all we owe when he died on the cross.

Jesus made the BIG payment and then gives us the BIG gift! The gift is a forever life with Jesus and our Heavenly Father. We just have to say, “Yes, I want that gift!” It’s free for us, but it cost Jesus his life.

This is pretty hard to understand. Talk to Mom and Dad or your Sunday school teacher about it. Pray and ask Jesus to help you understand. He wants you to have this free, best-ever gift!


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