Oh! Christmas Tree

Lights sparkle, dancing with glee as music softly plays in the background. A crackling fire warms the room as hot cocoa bubbles in the mugs on the table. Laughter fills the air, and all the worries seem to fade into the background making room for Christmas cheer.

Little feet hit the ground with loud thuds, eagerly stepping to the beat of the Christmas music playing in the background. The stockings are hung, the cookies are baking; the smell of cinnamon and sugar wafting through the air. 

The Christmas tree watches on in its silent beauty, decorated with memories and love from years before, sprinkled with new traditions like popcorn garland and handmade ornaments; proudly hanging haphazardly from its branches. 

The tree is not perfect as it once was, with matching ornaments and a theme that coordinated with the furniture and room décor. It’s imperfect, a little lopsided and a bit bare on the bottom from ornaments that keep getting moved about. Little hands hold the round balls, their cheeky grins reflecting from the beautiful glass. Who knew the magic of Christmas could be found in something so small? In the eyes of a child seeing an ornament sparkle for the first time. In the eyes of an elderly person looking at a Christmas tree for what might be their last time. Or, for the parents who worked overtime to make sure underneath the tree was filled with presents for their children; to see their faces light up with excitement when they realize Santa came.

The tree may look different. But, in its imperfection, the beauty and excitement carry on with laughter from the children that sneak peeks of presents already lining underneath the tree.

Twigs fall from the tree as each day passes as its time with us is only temporary. But, in those weeks, the joy and happiness that it brings lasts the year to come bringing hope and love for all.

Even in the darkness, the tree shines bright, flickering in the night waiting for the new day to come. As the children snuggle tightly in their beds, the tree settles in, waiting for a new day to watch the happiness and excitement grow.

The day finally comes, the few presents are replaced with many, the stockings filled to the brim with candies and gifts. The magic is contagious, and the joy that Christmas brings is felt in the air. It’s like a warm blanket, wrapping you in tinsel and sparkling lights promising the day to be nothing but magical.

It never disappoints, year after year bringing the feelings of love, hope and giving, spreading happiness that sometimes we forget to share. In the end, amongst the heaps of wrapping paper, piles of dishes and sleepy yawns, the tree continues to look on, soaking in its last moments of sharing in the holiday spirit.

This year, may you look at your tree not with scrutinizing eyes, dreaming of perfection and perfectly aligned ornaments, but see the joy, happiness and memories that hang from its branches and be thankful for those who gather around it.



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