Novant Orthopedics & Sports Medicine: Increasing Mobility One Joint at a Time

Knee and hip pain can be debilitating, affecting not only mobility but the overall quality of life, as well. However, whether these issues stem from age, disease or even sports injuries – those who experience joint pain do not have to suffer. Technologies today, coupled with the skilled expertise of medical professionals at Novant Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, are bringing proven effective solutions and offering relief to those who experience joint pain.

About the Practice

Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is a part of the Clemmons campus – convenient to those all around the Triad. Their team is comprised of orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists who have specialized in orthopedics. At this clinic, patients can experience orthopedic care of the highest quality. In addition, the practice utilizes the most advanced technologies available – helping reduce patients’ post-surgical stay time and pain levels.  

The team at Novant Health Orthopedic & Sports Medicine is committed to providing comprehensive care and best solutions through patient education, collaboration and thorough evaluation.

Understanding MAKOplasty Technology

A stand-apart benefit at Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is the use of MAKOplasty robotic technology for joint replacement. MAKOplasty is a CT-based guidance system that enables surgeons to offer better, more strategic placement of new joints in the body. This allows surgeons to complete the procedure with less soft tissue damage and more precision, resulting in a faster, more pain-free recovery from their surgical procedure than ever before. 

According to Dr. Charles Craven, “The benefits of MAKOplasty Robotics in joint replacement surgery are unparalleled. Through a pre-surgical CAT scan of the hip or knee, the MAKOplasty computer system has a blueprint of the patient’s unique bone structure. The implants are matched precisely to the patient according to his or her individualized anatomy. During surgery, I’m able to refine the implant position with information obtained from the robot regarding the soft tissue tension and alignment of the patient’s hip or knee joint. This ensures that the implant is placed ideally for that patient. As a result of this transformational technology, our patients have experienced less pain, utilized fewer narcotics and experienced more positive outcomes.”

“In short,” Dr. Craven continued, “MAKOplasty Robotic technology is, in my opinion, a gamechanger in hip and knee replacement surgery.”

A Partnership of Physician and Patient

Besides the technology difference, there’s a definite partnership between physician and patient. The Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine staff regularly hears testimonials from patients about how they felt heard, cared for and more than a number. The staff and surgical team take the time to offer comprehensive examinations. According to Stephanie Geruso, the Clinic Administrator, “We offer a complete review of every patients’ medical history. We ensure that our patients have time to ask all their questions – they have access to speak to the nurse navigator, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon. Everything is explained – from start to finish. Ensuring our patients feel heard is a priority because we want them to feel confident going in. We want them to trust that we will treat them with the utmost respect and care.  We want them to know we see them and understand their concerns. Surgery is never one-size-fits-all, and we treat every individual as that – an individual.”

The result is a partnership. “We’re in this together,” Stephanie continued. “While the process may be routine for us in the clinic, we know that it’s often scary for our patient. But, our patients should never feel that they are alone.”

Common Questions

The joint replacement process is based on a variety of factors that often boil down to several common questions. Those include:

  • When is the best time to have surgery? The decision to have joint replacement surgery is highly individualized, but several indicators affect the timing. Namely, the patient and doctor generally consider the impact pain has on everyday activities, pain levels at rest or during sleep; long-term inflammation and swelling; or when medicine no longer alleviates pain.
  • Who is a good candidate for joint replacement surgery? Joint replacement is often associated with aged patients, but that’s not always the case. In general, the best candidates for joint replacement surgery are those who are struggling with chronic pain that cannot be alleviated through medication or physical therapy. Those who have attempted alternatives without relief and whose quality of life is impacted by chronic joint pain are ideal candidates. Of course, every patient is different, and factors must be considered, such as medical history.
  • What can someone expect from his or her surgery? Ideally, the answer is simply, ‘A new lease on life!’ The goal of joint replacement surgery is to help individuals rediscover mobility for everyday activities and even a return to favorite hobbies and exercise. At Novant Health Orthopedic & Sports Medicine – patients can expect to have great care pre-surgery, and in most cases – discharge after one night’s stay, though in some cases – patients may be discharged the same day! Every case is unique, so the orthopedic team prioritizes patient safety.
  • How much pain will a patient experience? Novant Health Orthopedic & Sports Medicine has a dedicated practice to joint replacement and works very hard to minimize post-surgical pain and discomfort. Of course, everyone handles pain differently, but through the techniques and technology used by the surgical team, the data supports far fewer issues with pain, even with less medication.

Joint replacement surgery is not what it was 30 years ago. However, the team at Novant Health Orthopedic & Sports Medicine are leaders in their industry and expertise, as well as committed to making the best use of the latest innovations and robotics that will create a better experience for patients.

Every joint replacement situation aims to return the patient to a pain-free life that can be enjoyed from day to day.  

And that’s the mission – one surgery at a time.

Novant Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is located at 7210 Village Medical Circle in Clemmons. Call them at 336.893.2400, or visit online at–Sports-Medicine—Clemmons. 


Meet the physicians on the cover of this issue!

Dr. Charles E. Craven, MD, is a Boston native. He attended college at Tufts University before attending Albany Medical School on a Health Professions Scholarship through the US Navy. He subsequently served 21 years as an Active Duty Naval Officer and Orthopedic Surgeon, completing his orthopedic training at Naval Medical Center San Diego, and his fellowship in Joint Reconstruction at New England Baptist Hospital. After a Navy career that took him from Japan to Afghanistan, he retired as a Captain in 2019. He moved his family to North Carolina to continue his practice with Novant. Dr. Craven’s special interests are Orthopedic Total Joint (hip and knee) replacement, both primary and revision surgery.

“Dr. Craven always explains things so you can understand them. He tells you what he expects and how you can reach your goal.” ~ Patient in Winston-Salem

To learn more about Dr. Charles E. Craven, MD, click the below link:

Dr. Calvin M. McCabe, MD, completed medical school at the University of Western Ontario before establishing his residency at the University of Western Ontario. He completed his fellowship at Insall Scott Kelly Institute. Dr. McCabe’s special interests are Orthopedic Total Joint, Orthopedic Knee Surgery, Orthopedic Hip Surgery and Osteoarthritis Treatment.

“Dr. McCabe was very personable and took his time explaining my treatment.” ~ Patient in Winston-Salem

To learn more about Dr. Calvin M. McCabe, MD, click the below link:

Dr. William Ward, MD, is a graduate of Duke University. His experience includes an internship at Emory University Affiliated Hospitals, two residency rotations at Duke University Medical Center and a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Ward’s special interests are Orthopedic Total Joint, Orthopedic Knee Surgery, Orthopedic Hip Surgery, Musculoskeletal Oncology and Osteoarthritis Treatment.

“I really appreciated the careful attention Dr. Ward paid to understand my situation.” ~ Patient in Clemmons

To learn more about Dr. William Ward, MD, click the below link:


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