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With Mother’s Day right around the corner on May 13th, it’s the perfect time of year to celebrate the special women around us! Helping a child create a one-of-a-kind handmade gift is not only fun for them, but something to treasure. After all, who wouldn’t love an adorable little something from an adorable little someone?

Childhood goes by so quickly, so having a keepsake made by them is special as the years go on. I’ve put together a few simple and inexpensive DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas for kids of all ages. Take a look through the list and create the perfect present for the special women in your child’s life! Even if that women’s you!

0–5 Years Old

Project: Child’s Hand Ceramic Coaster

Tips: More often than not, little ones need some help putting together a special surprise, so choosing something like this personalized coaster with little effort, but big impact, is a great way to go.  Also remember, kids this young tend to be wiggle worms, so be sure to look out for any spills or messes, and have baby wipes nearby for easy clean-up.

Supplies: Ceramic tile, black permanent marker, acrylic paint in your color of choice, foam paint brush, felt or cork board, scissors and glue.


  1. Simply pour a large dollop of paint out onto a paper plate and place the child’s hand lightly into the paint;
  2. Press the hand firmly onto the face of the tile, to make a painted handprint;
  3. Allow to dry;
  4. Using the marker, write the phrase “A Child’s Hand touches a Mother’s Heart” centered on the tile, over the dry handprint;
  5. Cut and glue the felt or cork board to the bottom of the tile to make it into a finished coaster.

5–10 Years Old

Project: Splatter Paint Flower Pot with Mums

Tips: Kid’s this age have an awesome sense of creativity, appreciate color and still enjoy getting messy with their crafts. Pick out something you know they’ll enjoy that allows for plenty of creative expression and hands-on making.

Supplies: Terra Cotta/clay pot (any size), paint in multiple colors, paint brush, paper plate, soil, mums (for planting)


  1. Place clay pot upside down on newspaper or wax paper to help with mess from paint drippings;
  2. Dip paint brush in paint colors one by one and flick the brush at the pot allowing paint to fly off and “splatter” the pot;
  3. Continue until desired design is completed (Let them have fun with the patterns!);
  4. Paint the year and child’s name on the bottom side of the pot;
  5. Allow to dry, then face right side up;
  6. Plant the mums in the soil;
  7. Leave in the sunlight and water slightly until ready to gift.

10 Years Old & Up

Project: Transfer Photo Wood Sign

Tips: While you may want them to stay small forever, bigger kids tend to become a little more concerned over the “professionalism” and skill involved with their handmade gift endeavors! Choose a gift that lets them express themselves and has a nice polished look at the end they feel proud of.

Supplies: Laser-printed copy of your favorite photo on copy paper; small cut of wood; Mod-Podge photo-transfer medium OR gel medium; foam paint brush; sponge.


  1. Start by cutting your wood piece down to size for your child or having Lowes/Home Depot slice it down to size for free or go to your local craft store for a pre-cut piece;
  2. Print your photo using a laser printer, in a size that complements your wood piece;
  3. Cover the side of the wood your photo will go on with Mod-Podge using the paint brush.
  4. Place photo, picture side down on the wood, firmly smoothing out any bubbles;
  5. Let it dry for 4+ hours;
  6. Wipe away any excess gel that might be present;
  7. Wet the sponge with warm water, gently rubbing in circles until all the paper has been removed;
  8. Once dry and happy with your finished product, paint the whole thing with a thin layer of Mod-Podge to seal it in so it lasts for years;
  9. Let dry for 15 minutes.

Whether you are helping them make a gift for Grandma, their aunt, a neighbor, your local church pastor or a favorite teacher (or you) remember to have fun and enjoy seeing your child embrace their creativity!


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