Minute For Your Minister: Inner Circle

We regularly pray for our family and friends when they’re sick and we pray for God’s comfort for those hit by disaster, but how often do you pray for your pastor? Did you know your pastor needs your prayers, too?

After a great sermon on Sunday, on Monday the pastor rests, but on Tuesday the devil is quick to attack. On hump-day Wednesday, it’s a time to focus on the family and get things done, but the kids are fighting. On Thursday, your pastor is searching God’s word for Sunday’s sermon and is praying for guidance.

So the next time you’re engaged in fervent prayer, ask the Lord how you may pray for your pastor—it may be the prayer he needs!


This “Minute for Your Minister” is brought to you by Energize Ministries-providing encouragement, refreshment and recreation for your pastors and ministry leaders. For more information, visit energizeministries.com. 



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