Minute for Your Minister

Imagine being in church one Sunday when your pastor announces that he is preparing to take two months off from his job.  Not only will he be away for two months, but he will continue to be paid his normal salary while he is away. He calls it a “sabbatical.” It sounds a lot to you like a really long paid vacation.  Would you be supportive of this idea? How about the other people you know in your congregation?

Believe it or not, it’s normal and, in some churches, required for pastors to take a sabbatical every so often.  It’s like an extended Sabbath that gives the pastor a chance to get refocused, refreshed and renewed. When it’s done right, he will return to his regular responsibilities as a better leader, teacher and servant.

Does your church give your pastor the opportunity for a sabbatical every few years?   If not, it may be time to have a conversation with your leadership team about the benefits of doing so.


This “Minute for Your Minister” is brought to you by Energize Ministries—providing encouragement, refreshment and recreation for your pastors and ministry leaders. For more ideas about encouraging your pastor, visitenergizeministries.com. You can also find out about ongoing contests and opportunities on the Energize Facebook page: facebook.com/energizeministries.


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