Mary Cameron: A Woman with a Heart for Community

There is a lot of community pride in Forsyth County. And there seems to be a concentrated dosage of it found in Clemmons. Then, there’s Mary Cameron, who has a lion’s share of Clemmons pride, heart, and enthusiasm.

Since moving to Clemmons in 1984, Mary has been a community advocate with unparalleled energy. “My family and I settled in Clemmons just before the village was incorporated,” said Mary. “So I feel like I’ve been here since its birth.” Indeed, Mary has been well-invested in the life of Clemmons—helping shape it into the thriving community it is today.

With her tireless enthusiasm, she has served in a variety of ways, and currently serves as treasurer for four non-profit groups, including Friends of the Library; Women Who Care; Returned Peace Corps Volunteers; and The Homeowners Association in Fair Oaks.  Additionally, Mary participates in other community-centric projects, including Leadership Lewisville-Clemmons; the Rotary Club; the Forsyth County Library Board; and the Novant Health Clemmons Medical Center Board.

This grandmother of three is deeply rooted in activism.  As a former Peace Corps volunteer who invested two years of service in Turkey, Mary understands the importance of giving to others. “When we serve others,” Mary said, “We learn about how others think. We see things from other points of view. And when we collectively do that—we grow. Not just as individuals, but it grows and improves our community.”

It’s that mindset of leadership and service that have helped shape Mary. “Through my life, there have been four major milestones that have defined me as a person,” said Mary. She identifies those milestones as 1) her college experience at UNC-Greensboro; 2) her involvement in the Peace Corps; 3) getting married to her husband of 51 years and raising their two children; and 4) serving on the Council for the Village of Clemmons.

Mary said, “I started attending council meetings a few years after the village incorporated. After four years of observing, I decided I wanted to participate. I served for 24 years before taking a break in 2017. But I’m running for Council again. I love this community too much not to be an active and engaged participant in it. As a resident, I want to see Clemmons be successful, and I want to do my part to make that happen.”

Serving on the Council is an investment of both time and patience. “Councilpersons must understand the various issues and show up every second and fourth Monday of the month, educated on the topic and ready to make decisions,” Mary explained.  “It requires understanding zoning and how those choices meet the standards of the Village of Clemmons.  It’s about understanding the budget, handling citizen complaints, being familiar with ordinances.”

“Councilpersons must be strong communicators, adept listeners, skilled debaters, and possess the ability to present,” continued Mary. “They must know how to work together and learn from one another.  Moreover, in my decades of experience, I’ve learned it’s also important to be pre-emptive and foster strategic relational development with outlying communities, such as Davie County and Lewisville. The Council has to be mindful of what our neighbors are doing and the potential impact on the Village of Clemmons.”

Mary simply states, “I want to be that voice for the Village of Clemmons.”

At the core of any service-oriented person is a leader. Such is an accurate assessment of Mary. “Servant leadership takes people from where they used to be to where they need to be.  It’s what we’ve been trying to do for the Village of Clemmons since 1986, when we incorporated. Then, we move forward by respecting the foundation and heart of who Clemmons is. It’s stating the obvious, ‘Been there, done that,’ then being bold enough to ask, “Now, where are we going?”

Mary Cameron is running for re-election for the Village of Clemmons Council. Learn more at or call 336.816.4712. Please be sure to cast your vote on Tuesday, November 5th.


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