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The success of Merhoff and Associates Pediatric Dentistry is built on many pillars. Since April 2002, Dr. Tina Merhoff (aka Dr. Tina) established a strong foundation for the practice founded on her faith, a commitment to community, and treating everyone like family.

If you’ve noticed the covers of Forsyth Family over the years, you’ve seen Dr. Tina’s daughters grow up before your eyes. Her oldest daughter, Maddie Bea, is now thriving at Clemson University on the pre-medicine track. Her youngest, Abbie, is considering choosing between pre-dental programs at The Honors College at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or Auburn University in the fall. Both girls are following in their parents’ footsteps as they want to receive doctorates and Abbie will pursue pediatric dentistry after graduation. Many years passed in the blink of an eye since their first cover photo with Mom in July 2009. They spend some of their free time helping in the practice with events, playing tooth fairy, or demonstrating how to brush with puppets. So many memories are packed into a seemingly short time, and the pictures tell the tales. This is part of their legacy. They’ve learned since they were small children that a healthier and happier community is shaped by investing in caring for others.

And life is just like that. In a blink, our children are grown.

“As a pediatric dentist, our time with our patients is fleeting. They begin to outgrow our ‘giraffe room’ as they enter their teen years. So, from the moment these beautiful faces look up at us for the first time, we provide a sanctuary for them,” Dr. Tina says.

“That is why, as pediatric dentists, we play such important roles in a child’s life,” She adds. “We want to see them early so we can show them our office is a safe and fun place to be. We want to help parents build a strong foundation for their child’s dental care. And most importantly, we want kids to take ownership of their dental care as they grow into their teens and adulthood. This process starts early.”

A  lifetime of healthy smiles starts at age 1, according to Dr. Tina, when the first teeth erupt. Our “Toddler Tooth Time” is a no-cost and no-obligation opportunity for young children and their parents to meet our team, talk to the “tooth fairy,” and ask questions. We are happy to take the time to discuss any questions parents may have about their child’s dental care.

But don’t worry. If your child is older and has yet to see a dentist, Dr. Tina and her team are uniquely qualified to help children of any age. “We consider age, apprehensions, and any special needs,” Dr. Tina says. “No matter their needs, we just want them to feel safe.”

Our safe sanctuary also applies to our parents’ state of mind. Parents may be anxious about filings, restoration, or complex dental work. Again, that is one of the benefits of a dental practice focused on children. “Dr. Tina, Dr. Victoria, and I are all board certified pediatric dentists – but we are also mothers. We understand parents’ concerns and treat all children as if they are our own,” Dr. Melissa says.

“We think about what we worry about regarding our own children. We set the highest standards with our state-of-the-art dental technology, including sedation, restoration, preventative care, and safety. Because we would want that for our children, and every child deserves that,” she adds.


Our commitment to integrating the latest in sedation dentistry, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry sets us apart from other dental practices for treating children. We utilize a precise anesthetic delivery system (SOAN) that places local anesthesia where needed. It is nearly painless and eliminates the discomfort associated with numb cheeks and gums. This is an excellent solution for much of the general dental care needs and fillings.

Though our caring and patient staff is sometimes enough to take the edge off a worried young one, there are times when nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, and occasionally outpatient general anesthesia are needed to facilitate the dental work. We evaluate each patient individually and decide about any type of anesthesia according to the child’s needs.

“If your child requires some dental attention that may be a bit lengthy, or if she is worried about the procedure, we take our time to discuss all the options available. We want to determine – with you – what is best for your child,” Dr. Victoria says.

Merhoff Pediatric Dentistry set the standards in pediatric cosmetic dentistry as well. It was the first pediatric dental practice in Winston-Salem to offer pediatric Zirconia crowns. For years, stainless steel crowns were the “go-to” standard of care for severely decayed primary teeth. However, recent advances in ceramics technology make Zirconia crowns a healthier, stronger, and more natural aesthetic option for repairing decayed teeth. “We have families who live hours away from our office who come here because of our care and restorative services,” Dr. Tina says.

“I credit our deep faith as guiding our daily activities. Whether seeing and treating our patients or organizing a food drive, our faith is a common thread among our team. As a family-centered and faith-centered practice, we follow a simple philosophy: treat every child how we want our children to be treated. And now we have former patients who are grown and bring their little ones here for dental care to pass on that legacy of healthy smiles.”

Tina Merhoff, DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

The privilege to serve the families of Winston-Salem for over 25 years has been an incredible opportunity that I hold most sacred. Living in a world that is ever changing, providing a safe sanctuary for families to receive exceptional, compassionate, and family-centered care has become more crucial than ever before. Families will experience the difference when they enter our care and their lives are changed as we provide the gift of a healthy smile. To us it is more than caring for primary teeth, each moment with our patients is precious and a chance to influence a child’s life for the better. It was once said, “Speak life to others today. Share a kind word with everyone you interact with. You never know how much their soul might need it.”

Melissa Blake, DMD

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

My desire to become a pediatric dentist blossomed from the core values that I strive to uphold in my life; love others, serve others, and use all your divine gifts and talents to accomplish this life’s mission. I have found that the best way to shine my light in the world has been to pour out all I have on the most vulnerable individuals around us, our children. This is best conveyed by Nelson Mandela who once said, “We have the obligation to put sunshine into the hearts of our little ones. They are our precious possessions. They deserve what happiness life can offer.” Dentistry has been a fulfilling life’s work that has allowed me to use my creativity, knowledge, and interpersonal skills to positively impact generations to come, I can’t imagine a more rewarding career.

Victoria O’Neal, DMD

Board Eligible Pediatric Dentist

I was born and raised in Winston-Salem. Dr. Tina Merhoff has been my mentor ever since I decided in college that I wanted to become a dentist. I was able to visit the practice as a student and throughout dental school. This practice has always been a dream of mine to join. The way the dentists and staff treat every child that walks through this door is unmatched. Every person treats the patients as if they were our children. Being able to return to the community I grew up in and treat the children of Winston-Salem has been the biggest blessing. I thank God for this opportunity every day.

Community at our Core

Community outreach is central to Merhoff and Associates Pediatric Dentistry. The entire staff participates in educational and benevolent activities to benefit children in our region.

  • Give-a-Kid-a-Smile

Serving the community for 22 years with no-cost dental care to children in need.

  • Tri4Life

A non-profit led by Merhoff and Associates Pediatric Dentistry that uses triathlons to inspire teamwork and empower women in crisis.

  • Stroll Into Light

An annual candlelight walk founded by Abbie Merhoff, Performance Driven, and Merhoff & Associates raised over $25,000 over the past 2 years for the mental health amongst teens in our community.

  • Public speaking about dental health at events and local schools
  • Numerous other community events and sponsorships!

Merhoff & Associates Pediatric Dentistry

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Changing Lives

Photo Caption: Brenda Hanson, CEO of Sprig Oral Health Technologies came with her team to shoot Dr. Tina’s Changing Lives patients. Dr Tina was chosen as one of six in the US to be a part of the Changing Lives program.


Photo Caption: “Legacies are defined by what happens now,” Dr. Tina explains. Our practice is building a legacy of healthy smiles for generations to come – early on and one child at a time. And with that, we are also building family legacies as our children grow and give back to their future communities.”


Photo Caption:  Maddie Merhoff (far left) and Abbie Merhoff (Tooth Fairy) discuss the importance of healthy teeth with young patients.


Photo Caption:  Volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House Character Breakfast for the past 20 plus years.








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