Kindness in Every Cup: Be Kind Coffee Co.

Kindness is right around the corner. Literally. In Clemmons. Be Kind Coffee Co. is the newest independent coffee shop to open in the community, and for those who love freshly brewed, artisan coffee – look no further!

Owned by mother-daughter duo Natalie and Amanda Gogolak, Be Kind Coffee Co. is a cozy, warm and inviting family owned business. Full of ambiance and charm, the shop is managed by women who genuinely love others. It’s an inherited trait. Natalie shared, “My mother was an incredibly kind woman who had a heart for service. She always dreamed of owning a shop like this, and after years of talking about it, Amanda and I decided to take the leap of faith and go for it!”

Amanda chimed in, “After we made the decision late last year, I left my career in clinical trial research after 10-plus years. This is a big change for me. Of course, after making the decision and getting the ball rolling, 2020 started happening. There were a few moments when we wondered if we needed to postpone our plans. But, we kept trusting in God. Our family prayed, and He kept opening doors for us to continue. So, while it’s a bit of an unorthodox time to start a business, it’s one we’re starting in faith!”

The Be Kind Coffee Co. is based on Proverbs 31:26 (“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”) and the Gogolak family motto. “’Be kind’ is something we all embrace,” explained Amanda. “My brother, sister and I grew up watching our parents and grandparents exemplify the power of kindness. Our name is a reflection of our core values as a family and calling to love others. We want our coffee shop to be a place where people can feel cared for and loved.”

“It’s been that way for decades in our family,” explained Natalie. “Our family and friends always gather in the kitchen, often over freshly brewed cups of coffee. We encourage each other and spend time together. It’s an experience we want to emulate at Be Kind Coffee Co.”

Amanda nodded and said, “Despite all the challenges of opening a business this year, if ever there was a time when kindness was needed – this is it.”

“In our effort to make sure our business also supports the community,” shared Natalie, “we’ve also collaborated with some amazing business partners. For instance, our coffee beans are roasted in Charlotte at the Haerfest Coffee Roasting Co. This company has a heart for compassionate service, and their values align with ours. The company hires those with developmental or intellectual disabilities – helping them to have sustainable incomes and become independent members of the community and workforce. We love this company’s mission, and we’re proud to offer their delicious coffees – by the cup or by the bag.”

“We’re also supporting local initiatives,” said Amanda, “including a supply drive for Ward’s Elementary School, and we’re supplying Clemmons-based non-profit, Celebrate Recovery, with our day-old pastries. We are proud of these campaigns, but kindness is often simple. Simplicity is the point of our Encouragement Wall, where words of kindness can be read, and encouragement can be left. Soon, we will offer a Generosity Board in the shop so that people can pay it forward to those who need a cup of coffee. We have so many ideas for ways to express kindness – kindness is something we want to scatter throughout the community.”

Amanda continued, “Kindness is at the heart of every cup and our menu features coffee, specialty and seasonal drinks, teas and freshly baked goodies – most of which are made in-house. We are using recipes that have been passed down from our grandmothers! Our family is multi-cultural, so we have both Italian and Mexican goodies to share with our customers. Plus, we’ve partnered with an incredible local baker who specializes in gluten-free options! For the holidays, we are offering cookie trays and gift baskets.”

“We are so excited to be here,” said Natalie. “We are thankful that we have such a supportive family – everyone has been involved in getting the store going! It’s a blessing to be a part of something together…to work together on something so meaningful and purposeful…to honor God and serve our community and customers together as a family…one cup of kindness at a time.”

Be Kind Coffee Co. is located at 3560 Clemmons Road in Clemmons. Call the store at 336.893.9892, or visit online at Be sure to like Be Kind Coffee Co. on Facebook and follow them on Instagram! Cookie trays and gift baskets must be ordered one week in advance.


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