Karin Head The Head Realty Group Your Real Estate Partner for Life

From finding a family home or the perfect business location, to zeroing in on your dream “second home” retreat, Karin Head and the Head Realty Group, EXP Realty, take their roles very seriously. Call it full-service, one-stop, or ultimately, your “realtor for life”—it all signifies this concierge-style team’s commitment to every client’s needs.

“We connect clients with resources they may need along the way,” Karin explains. Best of all, her 12- agent group is number one in communication with both clients and each other—so that means customers never miss a beat. If one teammate is away or ill, other agents are already up-to-speed and stepping in to assist the client.

In 2018, Karin aligned her group with EXP Realty, a unique, cloud-based model with a global community of agents, which has enhanced the way realty teams collaborate.

“There are 86,000 agents who are part of EXP,” says Karin. “The opportunities for our team are endless, with the emphasis on technology and professional development, and with agents in 20 countries ready to work right alongside our group.” Since realtors are actually shareholders in the EXP company, it’s easy to grow your own portfolio, as well as assist others with being successful as well. The marketing strategies and global access can be game-changing.

From Burlington to all across the Triad, and now reaching the Charlotte area, Karin knows her business is sometimes a tedious mix of lenders, vendors, attorneys, and mounting details.

“Even when things go well, it’s a hard business,” says Karin. “It’s physically and emotionally draining; after all, you are moving your entire life!”

Once you’ve settled into your new space, the Head Realty Group continues to stand ready with the very best resources. Those times when a pipe bursts or an air conditioning unit fails, they know the resources to contact. And even later—once you might be ready to refinance, they will connect you with the experts.

Is an even larger move on your mind? Relocation is another big part of the business, explains Karin.

“We relocate folks across the world and have amazing connections for our clients. We do a deep-dive analysis,” she says. “What are their hobbies? Where do they spend most of their time?”

The ultimate goal is not just a new home, but a completely new community, with all the elements in place to make your relocation a smooth, happy experience.

If you’re reading this issue with thoughts swirling around, regarding putting your house on the market, your timing may be right on target. “People looking in the fall are usually serious buyers,” says Karin. “It can be a great time to sell, as many families are searching for new properties to be in by the holidays, especially if they want to entertain and perhaps host large events. Home prices have settled down, but are still higher than before.”

With a little help from nature, fall is also an ideal time to spruce up your yard—curb appeal with the season’s warmest colors!

Besides being completely focused on clients, Karin says her group is also known as “the team who has fun together,” and has certainly learned the importance of sharing a few laughs along the way. That includes keeping the mood light when real estate stresses set in.

“We’ve created a comfortable, inviting office space, where we offer clients coffee, or even a beer,” she says. “Every single day in real estate is different, with a lot of emotions along the way!”

Head Realty Group, EXP Realty is located at 380 Knollwood Street, Suite M, in Winston-Salem. Contact Karin at Karin@KarinHead.com, or call the office at 336-283-8687. Be sure to like Karin Head, EXP Realty on Facebook and follow her on Instagram (@karinheadexp).


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