July 2020 “From the Heart”

Hard to believe we are halfway through the year.  Although, at this point, I honestly think everyone will be happy when 2020 is behind us.  The divisiveness in our country right now seems to be at an all-time high.  And it breaks my heart! As if the upcoming election and Covid-19 were not enough.  Add in the ugly face of systemic racism! As a middle-aged white woman, I have no idea what it’s like to be treated differently because of the color of my skin.  It’s easy to live in our safe little worlds and pretend it doesn’t exist, but recent events show that, sadly, it does for too many.  I am encouraged by people in our community that are working to make a difference.  I urge everyone to listen more and to love thy neighbor as themselves…ALL neighbors!  What a wonderful world this could be if we did!

This 4th of July will certainly not be like those we are accustomed to with large crowds gathering to watch fireworks or baseball.  We will have to find new ways to celebrate, but have no doubt, we will!  July is also my birthday, three more years till the big 60, and I am grateful for every single year! Every day is a gift to be savored!  I share a birthday month with many friends and family and look forward to celebrating with them!  My family gathered recently to celebrate my Aunt Tina’s 86th birthday.  She and my Uncle Buck, along with their daughters, Vickie and Bonnie, have always been a blessing in my life.  We were the only three girls out of nine cousins.  They lived within walking distance of my grandmother, and I have fond memories of spending time with them, especially during my summer visits.

Our cover features Eyes on Trade, and their beautiful store front on Trade Street. They have a wonderful staff just waiting to take care of your eyecare needs. We continue to encourage everyone to support our local economy by shopping local as much as possible.  They need you more than ever!



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