Hospice and Palliative CareCenter Announces New Name to Better Reflect Mission and Support Services

Hospice & Palliative CareCenter (HPCC) is changing its name, in a deliberate and strategic step towards embracing a new identity.  This new identity reflects the organization’s distinctive characteristics and establishes a brand that patients and families can ask for by name.

A Name to Reflect the Organization’s Mission

“We are thrilled to announce our new name is Trellis Supportive Care,” said Linda Darden, President and CEO. “Selecting a provider when facing an advanced illness is not a common life event, and we understand that there are confusingly similar names which make selecting a hospice and palliative care provider challenging. We believe Trellis Supportive Care is a unique and memorable name that accurately reflects the mission of our organization.”

The name“Trellis” was chosen to represent the framework of support the organization provides to patients and families. “We also like the sense of tranquility and peace of mind the name evokes, since a trellis is typically a garden structure that supports and guides plants and vines as they find their way,” added Darden.

A True Framework of Support

Since 1979, hospice care has been the cornerstone of the organization’s care; however, over the years, new and expanded programs have been introduced. These programs include grief counseling and advance care planning — both free of charge — for anyone in the community, as well as expanded palliative care services designed to meet the needs of patients earlier in the disease process. In 1998 the Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home was opened, providing around-the-clock care to patients and families needing short-term inpatient care or respite care.

Ann Gauthreaux, Director of Public Relations said, “Our staff, like a trellis, becomes a framework of support for patients and families. Whether our team is providing palliative care, hospice care, advance care planning, grief counseling, around-the-clock care at our Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home, or any other support we offer, our team is there for gentle guidance and support every step of the way.”

A Leader in North Carolina

As the first hospice care provider in North Carolina, HPCC is beloved and trusted by generations of families who have experienced their compassionate care first hand.

Founded in 1979, HPCC began as the only hospice in North Carolina, serving Forsyth and surrounding counties. Over time, as more families recognized the physical and emotional benefits of their care, the organization has been invited into other counties to share their expertise. Today, HPCC serves 13 Northwest North Carolina counties with a staff comprised of specially trained professionals who work as a team to help patients and their families live fully and comfortably, with hope — even during life’s most challenging time.

Darden said that by adopting the Trellis Supportive Care name, the hope is that families throughout the region will again be able to immediately recognize the organization, its longstanding reputation for superb care, and its array of expert services.

“A more approachable name, along with the imagery of support and guidance, could also lead families to access our services sooner,” said Karen Lawler, HPCC’s vice president of business development. “The No. 1 comment we hear is, ‘We wish we would have called you sooner,’” noted Lawler.

“We’re all very excited about our new identity,” said Darden. “It will support all of our service offerings – current and future – because it reflects our mission of caring. We will be working hard behind the scenes for the next few months and will announce our public launch later in the year.”


We are proud of our heritage and trusted reputation and remain completely committed to providing the same compassionate care in all of our current programs and services. At the same time, with a rapidly changing healthcare environment we will continue to adapt and expand our service offerings to meet the needs of patients and families.  This new name will support all of our services offerings – current and future – because it reflects our mission of caring.


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