A Holiday a Day in May

Turning the calendar to May creates a feeling of anticipation.  Warm weather and green foliage lend joy to the many outdoor celebrations highlighted in bold print.  With numerous bizarre, endearing, or unique holidays missing from May, the month permits us to grab a marker and spend the month learning about special interests, culture and history, food and beverages, good causes, and health awareness.  With multiple options appearing each day, enjoy choosing from an abbreviated list.

May 1st:   Mother Goose Day:  Storytellers are instrumental in teaching children to read.  Spend the evening introducing a child to your favorite folktales and fairytales!

May 2nd:  Free Comic Book Day:  An annual effort to encourage new readers to visit independent comic book stores and receive free copies.

May 3rd:  Garden Meditation Day:  Create inner peace by performing yoga outdoors, or plant flowers.

May 4th:  Originated in 2011, the day allowed participants to enjoy a day of trivia and costume contests, and acting out scenes.  May the fourth be with you!

May 5th:  National Teachers’ Day:  A day to recognize and honor teachers; therefore, make an effort to write a letter or draw a picture!

May 6th:  National Nurses’ Day:  Thank the nurses in your life!  Read about the women who impacted the profession, especially Florence Nightingale.

May 7th:  World Password Day:  Prevent identity theft and other cybercrimes by improving the strength of your “passwords!”

May 8th:  Military and Civilian Spouses’ Day:  Show appreciation to your spouse whether they are in uniform or not.

May 9th:  National Train Day:  Learn about Winston- Salem’s Union Station on Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.!

May 10th:  Lilac Sunday:  Plant a lilac for Mother’s Day or give it as a gift.

May 11th:  Twilight Zone Day:  If you love the show, try writing Twilight Zone fan-fiction?

May 12th:  Fatigue Syndrome Day:  Assess your symptoms and try to resolve the problem associated with constant exhaustion and stress!

May 13th:  Leprechaun Day:  A day for earning extra gold or considering a viable plan to increase your wealth.

May 14th:  National Buttermilk Biscuit Day:  Create an original recipe that includes homemade biscuits!

May 15th:  Police Officers’ Memorial Day:  Appreciate those who have died while on duty by donating money to a fund or memorial, or thank a police officer for his or her service!

May 16th:  Love a Tree Day:  A good day to buy and plant a sapling, or find a mature oak and read under its branches.

May 17th:  National Walnut Day:  Promoting the nut that is excellent for heart, bone, and brain health!

May 18th:   No Dirty Dishes Day:  Avoid the glass and plate by enjoying eating out or on paper plates!

May 19th:  World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day:  Use pots, hanging baskets, or a barrel to plant your favorite vegetables!

May 20th:  Pick Strawberries Day:  Take the kids to a strawberry patch and enjoy picking your own!

May 21st:  National Memo Day:  Grab post-it notes or your computer and start jotting down ideas for a project, book, or original recipe.

May 22nd:  Buy a Musical Instrument Day:  No excuses, now; go and order the banjo or flute.  It’s time to invest in your musical potential!

May 23rd:  International Jazz Day:  A fortuitous opportunity to listen to jazz recordings and learn about famous jazz musicians.

May 24th:  National Brother’s Day:  Reach out to your biological sibling or best friend.  Perhaps invest time to watch the Marx brothers or the Band of Brothers movies, or read the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

May 25th:  National Missing Children’s Day:  Talk about safety measures with your children.

May 26th:  Sally Ride Day:  The first American female astronaut, Sally Ride, encourages everyone to follow their dreams.

May 27th:  Sun Screen Day:  Be prepared and buy a bottle of suntan lotion!  Make a promise to use it when outdoors!

May 28th:  National Hamburger Day:  Enjoy a hamburger today and all month long!

May 29th:  Learn About Composting Day:  Rather than toss organic matter into the trash can, create a compost pile to transform kitchen scraps, newspaper, and lawn clippings into viable soil, termed “black gold.”

May 30th:  Mint Julep Day:  A refreshing, Southern classic beverage!  Try it!

May 31st:  Save Your Hearing Day:  Learn ways to protect your hearing and avoid excessive noise exposure.

Enjoy celebrating a holiday every day in May!


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