Hidden Gems in Forsyth County: Part 1 – Children’s Garden at Tanglewood Combines Nature, Learning, and Fun

I’m from Winston-Salem and have lived here most of my life, yet occasionally, I still find places that I’ve never heard of in the city or county. It’s so exciting to find these new spaces to explore and things to do. Over the next three months, I’ll be writing about three of my favorite hidden gems in the area. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! This month, I’m sharing a small piece of nature that is full of big fun right inside Tanglewood Park.

A Space for Tiny Learners 

Tanglewood Park has so much to offer and is so large at 1,100 acres, it’s not surprising visitors could overlook something here. But, if you have kids, there is one spot that is a must visit in this park. While the playground and water park are tremendous fun for kids, there is one lesser known spot for them at Tanglewood. 

One absolutely wonderful hidden gem here is the Children’s Garden. This space is filled with so much fun and learning for kids. It’s truly a unique destination in Forsyth County which only adds to its hidden gem status.

Learn Through the Five Senses

One great thing about the Children’s Garden is the emphasis on learning through nature. The gardens allow children to explore all five of their senses. They have items to see, hear, feel, smell and taste. 

Not sure where to look or start? Don’t worry, throughout the gardens you’ll see signs to let you know that it is an item to explore with your senses. For example, visitors can explore through their sense of taste at the vegetable garden. Or, to tune into the hearing sense, kids can play the chimes available. 

Don’t Miss the Lil’ Library

What better way to learn than by reading? Inside the Children’s Garden is a Lil’ Library. This cute structure is indeed little but perfect for kids to momentarily get out of the sun and look at some fun books. It has a wide range of fun books for a mix of ages.

How to Find this Hidden Gem

Once you drive through the main entrance gate, stay straight until you see the Manor House on your left. There is a parking lot beside it. Behind the Manor House, you’ll find the Arboretum. Once inside the gates, stay close to the gate and go left. Keep following the upper path until you see the larger gravel opening, and the Children’s Garden entrance will be there to the left. You’ll recognize it easily with the beautiful sign over the entrance. 

Details to Visit Tanglewood Park

Location: 4061 Clemmons Road, Clemmons

Cost: $2 for personal vehicles 

Hours: May 1st through September 2nd from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Note: It has a lot of gravel paths, so if you have a stroller, it might get bumpy!


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