Healthy Made Simple: Elevating Convenience and Nutrition in Clemmons

Nestled within the vibrant Clemmons Town Center, Healthy Made Simple is about to join the community. Owners Pamela and Inkem Baker are excited to expand their services with a new commercial kitchen and grab-and-go market, continuing to provide quality meals for all lifestyles and medical backgrounds.

A Journey Rooted in Wellness

Pam Baker started Healthy Made Simple in 2016, leveraging her background as a personal trainer and event planner. With her expertise in health and nutrition, she offered clients convenient, delicious meals to support their wellness goals. From humble beginnings in her kitchen, the business grew into a full-fledged enterprise, culminating in a commercial kitchen in Advance, North Carolina, with her husband Inkem’s support. Their vision: to offer delicious, health-conscious meals that fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles.

Crafting Culinary Excellence

Healthy Made Simple creates convenient, nutritious meals for all dietary needs without compromising taste. From Mexican enchiladas to casseroles and summer salads, each meal strikes the perfect balance between nutrition and indulgence. Customers can order individually packaged meals or family-style meals serving four to six people, ideal for busy households and professionals.

Catering to Your Needs

Healthy Made Simple has seen a surge in catering requests, offering tailored menus for corporate gatherings and family celebrations. The team collaborates with each client, ensuring every event is a culinary triumph.

Nourishing Those Near and Far

Out-of-town patrons rely on Healthy Made Simple to provide meals for their loved ones, particularly elderly parents. This service ensures balanced, nutritious meals daily. Gift certificates are also available for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.

A Weekly Feast of Freshness

Every Sunday, Healthy Made Simple unveils a new menu on its website, inviting customers to preorder their favorite meals for the upcoming week by Wednesday at midnight. Each dish is portion-controlled and comes with calorie and Weight Watcher Points information.

Grab, Go, and Enjoy

The grab-and-go market offers fresh or frozen individually packaged or family-style meals, perfect for stocking up or enjoying a nutritious meal on the go.

Rewards for Your Loyalty 

Join the Carrot Club rewards program to earn points for every dollar spent on meals, sharing news on social media, birthdays, and referrals. Points can be redeemed for discounts on future meals.

A Vision for Health and Wellness

Healthy Made Simple aims to bring healthy convenience to the Piedmont Triad, simplifying busy schedules, supporting wellness goals, and assisting during recovery from illness or injury.

Join The Healthy Made Simple Community

As Healthy Made Simple expands in Clemmons, it invites the community to enjoy healthy, flavorful meals. Whether simplifying mealtime, achieving wellness goals, or treating loved ones, Healthy Made Simple is here for you.

Visit their new location at 6276 Town Center Dr, Clemmons, NC 27012, and discover a world of delicious, nutritious meals. Follow Healthy Made Simple on Facebook and @healthymadesimple_ws on Instagram to learn more.


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