My Grace-Full Life: Why Is There Evil in the World?

Between COVID-19, riots, looting, unemployment, and a crashed economy, there have been a lot of people asking, “Why?” Why has God allowed this? Why is there evil in this world? I’ve spent a lot of time recently on these kinds of questions…two weeks actually. On my website, I recently finished a series in response to hard questions that both believers and non-believers ask.  So with all that said, if God is good, why is there evil in the world?

The thing is—at some point or another, we all doubt. We all ask questions. I understand trying to reconcile the God of love with the God of justice. But we have got to stop trying to put God into a box of our own design. We’ve got to stop expecting God to do everything precisely as we think things should be done! At some point, we’ve got to stop questioning Him at every turn and take Him at His word!  He’s already told us that His ways and thoughts are not like ours (Isaiah 55:8-9)!  And as it says in Isaiah 29:16, “You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, ‘He did not make me’; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, ‘He has no understanding’?”

We have evil in this world because it’s a fallen, broken world. Plain and simple. We have to stop expecting earth to be perfection, because Heaven on earth isn’t here…yet.  That’s a different topic.  But the world has been broken ever since the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve messed things up because they bit into Satan’s lie with as much vigor as they bit into the forbidden fruit. And sin has been a global pandemic ever since. So we can’t keep blaming God that the world is broken. Blame Adam, Eve, and the snake! Adam and Eve succumbed to temptation, and the rest is history.

I know that’s not the answer that some people want. But let me counter this question with another question—if we could have things perfect here and right now, what would be the point of Heaven?

Believe me, I’ve wondered why, too. I have also wondered why our all-powerful, all-knowing God even bothered to make us!  Being all-knowing, He knew that Adam and Eve were going to sin, and the world would be polluted with sin and evil. I don’t understand, either. But I’m not God. I’m not supposed to understand. I go back to the verse from Isaiah—as the clay, I don’t get to question the Potter’s decisions. He is the Creator; He has the final say.

There are a lot of unknowns out there.  And as the created beings, our responsibility is to trust God when He tells us that His ways are higher than ours. We choose to take Him at His word completely, or not at all.  But I truly believe that one day, we will understand why God has allowed certain things to happen. I think, someday, we will see the good He still brought from this fallen, broken world in which we live.



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