Girls’ Night “In” Idea (COVID Style)


2020 was a year of creativity! While the world has been on lockdown and we have been 6-feet-apart for months, people have been forced to find creative ways to get things done and stay sane. So, when my best friend’s wedding was canceled, along with the bachelorette party, a few of my friends and I decided to make her still feel special despite all the disappointment!  Originally, we wanted to do a local winery tour in the area, but in true 2020 fashion, that was not possible! So instead, we got creative. We decided to plan a Girls’ Night IN with a wine tour all our own!

The first thing we did was book a lake house. It was important to us to get away and make it feel like a mini-vacation. We had a beautiful place right on the lake with a deck overlooking the water. We booked about a month in advance, so we were all able to self-quarantine the two weeks leading up to the trip, and each got tested for COVID before we left. We all felt comfortable being close together for the night. We also keep the guest list small for good measure. It was absolutely perfect for a Girls’ Night In, especially for exhausted moms who were ready for a little break!

We arrived around lunchtime and snacked while we caught up on the past few months. There is only so much you can talk about over Zoom…some news you can only deliver in person! After we got settled, we decided to start the “wine tour.” Each guest chose a “region” to bring a bottle of wine from, snacks/charcuterie to go along with it, and the host for that wine tasting. We traveled around the house and grounds, going to each winery and tasting wines from all over the world! We also ordered adorable personalized wine tumblers and drank out of those while we “toured.”

Our first stop was “Napa Valley, California!” We tasted a Cabernet Sauvignon with brie and crackers on the back deck of the house overlooking the water. It was a beautiful setting and we were able to spend time chatting comfortably while sipping delicious wine. Even better, unlike going to a real winery, we were able to do all of this in our loungewear and slippers!

Our next stop was “New Zealand!” We traveled down the yard and out onto the dock. We tasted a Sauvignon Blanc with goat cheese, salami, and artichokes, while sitting by the water. It was a little chilly, so we brought blankets, enjoyed the view, and caught up on each other’s lives (mostly our kids, but that’s how it usually goes, right?!)

Our last stop was “Italy!” We took a little walk around the block to stretch our legs and make the long trip from New Zealand to Italy. We returned to the house and sat on the front porch of the house, aka “Italy.” We enjoyed a Chianti with Caprese salad and wrapped up our wine tour after taking lots of photos to document our trip! We had a blast traveling around the lake house, tasting different wines, and catching up with the best of friends.

While many things have had to change this year, it has been fun to find new ways to connect with friends. The best part of this Girls’ Night In is that we were all in our rooms, in bed, by 10:00 pm!!  Don’t get me wrong, normal wine tours are great fun, but when you can relax with your best friends in your PJs, eat tons of cheese, AND get a good night’s sleep, there isn’t much better!


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