Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont: It’s Cookie Time

It’s time folks!  You know you’ve been waiting on this—Girl Scout cookies are on sale! Forget calories, these are for a good cause and the proceeds from the program stay in our local community helping girls, who may be your children or neighborhood children, to achieve and strive to grow as individuals and as community leaders.  Buy some boxes for yourself, your office, or your family!

In addition to the cookie flavors you love, and let’s face it, we all have a favorite, there’s a new cookie offered this year.  For those who must eat gluten-free, the Girl Scout gluten-free cookie, the Caramel Chocolate Chip, is a tasty treat with a better flavor than most other gluten-free store brands.

Also, for those with family or friends in the military, check out Operation Sweet Treat.  The 2019 goal is to provide 44,000 boxes of cookies to troops.  Let’s pitch in a send some cookies to the troops and give them a taste of home.

Recently, professionals from print media, public relations firms, news photography and television news anchors were invited to participate in a panel discussion with a group of about 20+ local Girl Scouts. Other girls joined via remote access from as far away as Asheville for the event.  These girls, ranging from Girl Scout Daisy to Ambassador levels, known as Media Girls, were preparing for interviews on social media, local news shows, and newspapers to get the word out about Girl Scout cookies.  Not only were they preparing themselves to be the face of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they were learning about marketing techniques, presentation skills, and general sales initiatives.  Once each panel member gave a brief summary of their particular role, the girls began asking questions.  Some of their questions were about how to relax while on camera, how to get the best photos, and how to answer questions or respond to a question that might be unexpected.  Being a Media Girl is a serious role for these young ladies and their goal to be prepared and do their best was evident.  Getting another patch for their sash was secondary to getting ready to promote the cookie program.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches five basic skills and why these skills are relevant to their futures:

  • Business Ethics – Acting with honesty and responsibility throughout all the steps of the Cookie Program. Future employers want ethical employees in business and worldwide matters.
  • Money Management – Taking orders, handling money, and developing budgets; all skills that are needed from managing allowances to managing paychecks.
  • Decision Making – Where to target their sales initiatives, how to market, and what do with the proceeds. This will be useful at all stages of life regarding decisions small and large.
  • Goal Setting – Establishing sales goals and action plans to achieve those goals. Learning to set goals and establish steps toward achievement is relatable to school, jobs, and lifelong endeavors.
  • People Skills – Learning to communicate with each other and potential customers will be of benefit in school, both individually and in a team environment, and as these young ladies enter the workforce.

Do your part in helping Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont this cookie season.  Purchases can be made with individual Girl Scouts, at booth sales set-up in shopping centers and business areas, or via online applications.  To find cookie booths near you, enter your zip code at  And don’t forget Operation Sweet Treat.

For more information on the Girl Scout Cookie Program, how to join a troop, or become a volunteer, contact Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont by phone (800.672.2148), or visit their sites ( or

For current and former Girl Scouts, remember this promise; we could all make use of it on a daily basis:

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.


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