Getting A-Head of Real Estate: Karin Head

Karin Head is a woman of purpose, determination, drive and gumption. She’s a fearless leader in the real estate industry and one whose commitment to excellence shines with every “SOLD!” that crosses her desk.


As the CEO and Broker of Head Realty Group, Karin isn’t just selling homes. She’s investing in her industry through her time and talent – investing in the next generation of realtors. “My agency is aligned with EXP. This is a publicly traded company that began in 2009. I was immediately hooked by the business model – the technology and opportunities they offer are second to none. When I saw the business model, I couldn’t unsee it. EXP is growing by 1,000 agents per month with representatives in 20 countries,” said Karin. “In North Carolina, there are more than 4,500 EXP agents. As mentioned, the technology is incredible, and as a self-described ‘super-nerd,’ this technology gets me really excited.”

Additionally, as an enthusiastic learner – Karin loves EXP’s emphasis on professional development. “Since there is an almost 90% failure rate for real estate agents, this model puts agents in a better position for success. It’s a philosophy that resonates with me. I’ve committed to investing in my team’s ongoing professional development, but I’ve also coached Realtors across the country. Plus, EXP has given me the opportunity to speak internationally on my favorite topic – real estate! I cover everything from marketing and social media to sales and cryptocurrency! There are a lot of exciting things to talk about in real estate!”

“Moreover, at EXP,” Karin explained, “Real estate professionals who teach and coach new agents can be gifted stock grants. In fact, it can be super-lucrative (EXP agents are all shareholders). It’s an easy way to add to our portfolio while helping others be successful. After all, we all need people to help us stay accountable and improve our industry. I decided to further grow my real estate business under the EXP brand because of the amazing collaboration and referrals that come from it,” Karin continued. “The bigger the company grows, the more everyone wins. In addition, the technology and education produce stronger communication. In our world, communication is key, and EXP offers a fluid business with tremendous growth opportunities; we were metaverse before it was even a word.”


The tagline on Head Realty Group’s logo says, “Residential. Luxury. Commercial.” So, the Head Realty Group is truly a one-stop-shop for all real estate buyers and sellers. Whether in the market for a personal home, a getaway home, investment property or commercial space for business – Karin is well-positioned to help anyone in the market for real estate.  

“My team members are true professionals,” said Karin. “Between the eight of us – we represent a tremendous amount of experience in our field. We know the ins and outs of real estate; plus, with our commitment to continuing education, we are always up to date on the trends and demands of the market. Besides home sales, we are also the number one seller of ‘barndos,’ also known as barndominums, a new concept of barns converted to homes. In addition to successful home sales, we strive to maintain excellent relationships with our clients. We want to take care of them after they are closed – in short, we want to be their realtor for life,” said Karin. “As a result, many of the clients continue to reach out to Head Realty Group for recommendations on plumbers, electricians and other home advice – even years after we close their home!”

Karin shared, “This means the world to me. It means we’ve done our job well so that our clients trust us even after the fact. This is a very relational business, and we want our clients to love being with us – and we want them to trust us enough to recommend us to their friends.”  


“I’ve been in this industry for a long time,” said Karin. “I know there’s a lot of excitement when it comes to buying and selling a home, but it’s also stressful. Our goal is to make things as painless as possible – and, of course, we want to be the buyer/seller’s first choice! But, for those who are just starting…maybe they are making their first purchase, lost touch with their previous agent or just want to try someone new – my best advice is to remember this: Interview the agent! Visit the office! Meet the team! At our firm, our clients meet the team. Each transaction has the same steps, and with our team approach, we make sure none of those steps are missed. So, while a client may work primarily with one agent in my firm, we’re all invested in the process. Plus, it’s my name on the business. And, whatever my name is on is going to be good.”

Karin’s second piece of advice is to buy a house you can afford. “When bad times happen, make sure you can purchase for the future,” Karin sagely said. “We’ve been seeing this for the last two years. The demand has been tremendous, and though inventory is low, we still encourage our clients to seriously weigh their decision against the long-haul of the investment.”

At the end of the day – Karin’s success is driven by her tenacity, but most of all, her faith. “I give all the credit to God for my success. And, to keep myself humble, we have a sign in our office that says, ‘Praise God. Work hard. Play hard. Give big. Live large.’ You could say that’s my motto. I want my clients to see that lived out with every sale we make.”

Head Realty Group is located at 380 Knollwood Street, Suite M in Winston-Salem. Contact Karin at, or call the office at 336.283.8687. Also, be sure to like Karin Head, EXP Realty on Facebook and follow her on Instagram (@karinheadexp).  


“Karin Head Realty sold my house in one day! Karin and her team are professional and hard-working individuals that always put our needs first! She worked with us for more than three years to get our house on the market during our time of transition, and her advice was invaluable.” ~ Susan B.

“Karin is a professional that cares greatly for this community, its well-being and future generations! She puts even more care into ensuring it stays that way, so you can rest easy knowing your home selling or buying process is in great hands!” ~ William S.


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