For the Love of BBQ – Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Brian Jared @Winstonsalem_nc_bbq

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Easy and fall-off-the-bone. You will love these ribs.

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 4-5 hours

Yields: 1 rack of full ribs

First, set your smoker to 250 degrees. While the grill is heating up, peel the membrane off the back of the ribs. Use mustard as a binder to get your seasoning to stick. Season your ribs with your favorite BBQ rub. I used the BBQ rub which can be found at Academy Sports. 

Set the ribs on the smoker and close the lid. I spritz the ribs with apple juice every hour until you achieve the desired bark you want. 

I used the 2-2-1 method for these. Smoke these for two hours, wrap in aluminum foil with butter and brown sugar. Lay face down back on the smoker. Smoke for another two hours and then remove foil. 

I sauced them in Cackalacky NC Tarheels BBQ sauce. Place back on the smoker for one more hour; pull off and slice into delicious ribs.

I smoked this on my new Big Green Egg over lump charcoal. I love the quality of this smoker. It holds heat very well, there are a lot of different accessory options to choose from and it is easy to move around. You can get all their grills from Casual Furniture World in Winston-Salem or Greensboro. They carry the entire line of accessories you need, Big Green Egg rubs and Cackalacky BBQ sauce.  

1 rack baby back ribs

2 T BBQ rub

1 stick of butter

2 T brown sugar

1 small container of apple juice

Pit Master Tip

There are a lot of different methods for baby back ribs. You can smoke hot and fast for two hours until a target temp of 203 degrees or low and slow for five hours. I take the membrane off to penetrate more smoke flavor. You can score it or keep it on. If removing, the easy way is to use a paper towel to peel it away from the back of the ribs.


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