Feb 2020 “From the Heart”

Welcome to the month of Valentine’s and Groundhog Day!  While we are not in my favorite season of the year, this is a very special month to me and my family!  Valentine’s Day was my husband’s mother’s birthday.  Delphia Bralley was the epitome of love and so it was fitting for her to be born that day!  Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since her passing. I was so fortunate to have her in my life, and am grateful for the legacy of love she passed down to our family.

The importance of love and kindness cannot be stressed enough.  In fact, love is so important that it’s mentioned 348 times in the New American Standard version of the Bible.  Any word mentioned that many times is something to be respected.  I think we’re all guilty of using it as a flippant response to lots of things. How many times do we say “I love pizza, the beach, chocolate…?”—you fill in the blank.  But most of the time, do you really “love” it?  It might be important, you might like it a lot, but do you really love it?  Even better, does it love you back?  Love is best when it’s a two-way street, and you are not only giving, but receiving, love.  Life is so much more fulfilling when we go about EVERYTHING we do with LOVE and KINDNESS.  What a wonderful world it could be if we would all spread a little more love and show a little more kindness to EVERYONE we come in contact with!

Our cover features Dr. Sarah Shoaf with Salem Smiles, who has created beautiful smiles for many years!  This February issue is our second of three installments of our Prom section.  If you have a child attending prom this year, be sure to check it out! Stay tuned for our Summer Camp Showcase issues beginning next month!

Finally, I want to wish the happiest birthday to Brooke Eagle!  She will celebrate her milestone 30th birthday this month.  Daughter of our fearless leader, Keela Johnson, the publisher of Forsyth Woman.  I met her family in the late ’90s at Sunrise Church and I’ve watched this sweet girl grow into the beautiful, poised young woman that she is today.  She does so much for all the Forsyth Mag publications and is a delight to all who meet her.  Happy Birthday, Brooke!  Love you, sweet girl!




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