Which Exciting Camp Will Your Child Love?

Whether your child enjoys robots, cupcakes, basketball, or theater, FCDS Summer Enrichment has plenty of activities to let him or her discover new passions, create masterpieces, meet friends, and take learning to the next level.

Our experienced instructors and excellent facilities will ensure a memorable summer experience for your child. FCDS Summer Enrichment offers more than 100 different camps, as well as 13 academic programs, through the Johnson Academic Center.

Here’s a sample of 10 exciting camps your child may enjoy:

1) Super Messy Science – rising 2-8 graders

Let’s dive into a world of super messy science experiments this week. Each day will include different kinds of gross, sticky, slimy, ooey-gooey messes! Not only will we have fun, hands-on activities each day, but we will learn a little about the science behind it all.

2) Wearable Art – rising 5-9 graders

Design, decorate, wear!  What’s better than wearing or using something that you made? Unleash your inner creative flair by making wearable and decorative crafts. Crafty campers will design and transform materials into wearable masterpieces such as keychains, wallets, jewelry, and more. Do you know you can transform T-shirts into tote bags? Make it creative and join the DIY revolution!

3) Youth Leadership – rising 6-12 graders

Build leadership skills this summer by writing mission statements, responding to journal prompts, and doing reflective exercises. Students will work on the following habits during the week: being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, putting first things first, thinking win-win, seeking to first understand and then to be understood, to synergize, and to “sharpen the saw” (that’s highly effective speak for taking care of yourself).

4) MakerShop and 3D printing – rising 5-9 graders

Be a part of the exciting world of 3D printing and laser cutting. In this workshop, you imagine and build your designs on a computer using our laser cutter and 3D printers. Through personal attention, each camper will experience hands-on practical application, creative thinking, problem-solving, and first-hand information about everything 3D printing has to offer. Combined with our precision GlowForge laser cutter, there is an endless array of ideas that can be created.

5) Robotics – rising 6-9 graders

Want to explore the world of mobile robots? In this beginners’ workshop, campers will learn to write programs to make a robot navigate courses and make decisions based on various types of sensors using the Lego EV3. Join this fun and interactive workshop!

6) Basketball Academy – rising 2-8 graders

Basketball is all about teamwork, coordination, and effort, but at the FCDS Basketball Academy, it is so much more than that. Campers will learn to work together, push themselves, honor the game and their opponents, and develop healthy living habits. This camp will focus on fundamental skills of dribbling, shooting, defense, court awareness, and passing, along with team play.

7) Filmmaking – rising 6-9 graders

Have you always wanted to make a short film? Don’t miss your shot! We will be screenwriting, storyboarding, acting, filming, directing, and editing a short film—all in one week! If you are interested in one or all of those things, this is the camp for you!

8) A Capella Camp – rising 6-12 graders

Do you enjoy listening to artists such as the Pentatonix or Peter Hollens? Is the Pitch Perfect movie series one of your all-time favorites? If so, what if you learned that you could sing just like them? At the a cappella camp, you can! Campers will learn all of the basics of the contemporary a cappella style—singing and vocal technique, beatboxing, arranging and composition, microphone technique, and how to rock the stage. It all culminates with a showcase performance at the end of the week!

9) SNAG Golf – rising K-2 graders

Join us for SNAG golf—a great way to introduce golf to your child! SNAG (Students New at Golf) golf uses specially designed golf equipment that can be used indoors or outdoors and helps to make learning the game much easier to understand. Your child will learn the basic skills of putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing along with learning how to play the game. They will have exciting skill challenges and a fun course set up so they will also learn etiquette and course strategy. We’ll create a golf course onsite with fun obstacles so they get to apply the skills they learn. This camp is all about fun, building confidence, and making connections with one another!

10) Ninja Warrior Fitness and Training – rising 3-9 graders

Ready to be a ninja? Using obstacles around our campus as well as at local parks, we’ll build strength, endurance, and confidence. This session helps overcome physical obstacles and build the mental strength to overcome life’s obstacles as well. We will also take trips off campus to get strength and conditioning skills from area coaches and sports facilities.

We hope your child will join us for FCDS Summer Enrichment! Learn more and register at fcds.org/summer today.



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