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Summer heat got you in a dieting slump? Take a break from backyard hot dogs and potato salad for more nutritious fare. Advance-based Healthy Made Simple is a healthy meal service that provides fresh, quality meals for individuals of all lifestyles and medical backgrounds. Pam Baker started Healthy Made Simple after a tough divorce left her wondering how to reinvent herself after being a stay-at-home mom. With years of experience as a personal trainer and an event planner, Pam combined her knowledge of health and nutrition with a strong business acumen to serve clients looking for convenient, delicious meals designed to help them reach their health goals.

Inspired by the postpartum success she experienced by using the Weight Watchers weight-loss program, Pam began educating her personal training clients on the program. In fact, Healthy Made Simple was born after one of her clients expressed a desire to have healthy foods prepared for them to make the weight loss program more convenient. In January 2016, Pam began cooking out of her home kitchen for clients and friends until she met her current husband, Inkem Baker, who supported her in starting a commercial kitchen in Advance in 2018.

Healthy Made Simple creates convenient, nutritious, calorie-conscious meals for clients with all dietary needs without compromising taste. The Bakers have perfected their recipes, making their meals so enticing and easy to serve that clients no longer have the temptation to resort to unhealthy, quick alternatives. Customers are able to choose from various cuisines, with Mexican enchiladas winning one of the most requested meals among clients. Pam and Inkem also plan seasonal menu items, such as hearty casseroles and warm stews for cold winter months, and light pastas and salads for the summer.

This August, keep an eye out for meals containing fresh vegetables and tomatoes heading into the fall season. Customers can order for themselves or even order family style meals that serve up to four to six people. Healthy Made Simple meals are ideal for providing delicious, ready-to-eat meals to busy households that don’t want to resort to ultra-processed frozen meals or fast food after long days of school, work and/or sports. 

Professionals with packed schedules can bring Healthy Made Simple meals to work for guilt-free lunches on the job or come home to a refrigerator full of appetizing prepared entrees to take the burden of cooking off their already full plates. Over the last few months, Healthy Made Simple has seen an increase in their catering requests, which allows clients to request custom menus for events and parties. Pam and Inkem’s team efficiently transports clients’ selections with set-up service included.

The Bakers encounter many customers from out of town who use Healthy Made Simple to provide meals for elderly parents or loved ones as an alternative to time-consuming and costly meal-prepping routines. With chaotic lives leaving little time to cook, Healthy Made Simple customers can rest assured their loved ones have well-rounded, nutritious meals daily. Give the gift of convenience to friends and family members for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries with a Healthy Made Simple gift certificate.

Each Sunday, a new Healthy Made Simple menu is posted on the website, prompting customers to purchase their selection of meals for the upcoming week before Wednesday at midnight. Meals are prepared on Sundays and are available for delivery or pick-up each Monday. Meals remain fresh for up to a week in the refrigerator and are made from high-quality ingredients and organic produce. Portion-controlled meals with the Weight Watchers Points provided help clients reduce calories without feeling deprived.

Healthy Made Simple customers can also take advantage of the Carrot Club Rewards Program, where clients earn points for each dollar spent on meals, by sharing news and updates on social media, birthdays and referrals. Points never expire and accumulate for clients to redeem discounts on meals. This month, check Healthy Made Simple’s website and social media pages for exciting back-to-school specials and giveaways.

Healthy Made Simple is a local small business that strives to bring healthy convenience to the Triad to meet the needs of individuals and families to maintain health or achieve weight loss goals. Whether you’re looking for a quick grab-and-go option or a prepared meal at home, the Bakers have you covered! With their dedication to quality, Healthy Made Simple aims to make healthy eating an enjoyable and effortless part of your daily routine. One client informed Pam that he lost 25 pounds after only six to eight weeks of Healthy Made Simple meals, which is just one success story of many.

Interested in eating with Healthy Made Simple? Visit the website at hmsimple.com to learn more about the Bakers, meal plan options and the Carrot Club Rewards Program. The Healthy Made Simple kitchen is located at 1116 NC- 801, Advance, NC 27006. Check out Healthy Made Simple on Facebook, and follow @healthymadesimple_ws on Instagram to learn more.


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