Dining Guide – Celebrating Local Flavor

While you and your family may have already made “shopping local” part of your personal mantra and daily routine, don’t forget the incredible local dining options within our community, and the reasons why eating locally grown food just makes sense!

Think of dining local as your favorite family meal with a down-to-Earth deliciousness you can’t get anywhere else. That local “goodness” is always a good idea – and an amazing boost to the community in so many ways.

Everyone deserves a break from the kitchen, and whether your taste buds prefer seriously spicy cuisine, a healthy, hearty salad or classic American fare such as steaks and burgers, visiting the many local restaurants in our area is a treat for the entire family. You’ll enjoy regionally sourced meats and vegetables, served with an unmistakable dash of warm hospitality. That equals quality family time while you’re also nourishing the local economy.

Even more than simply a wonderful meal in a relaxing setting, supporting a local restaurant carries an even deeper meaning for all our neighbors!

  • Supporting locally grown food helps all our community farmers maintain their family business, and there’s no denying local produce is always your most flavorful choice!
  • Buying from local growers means you know exactly where and how your food was grown: No questions about the quality of what’s on your plate, and produce grown close by is harvested nearer to its prime stage of ripeness.
  • Local food offerings are typically based on the seasons – with the added bonus of fresh fruits and vegetables – and creative, ever-changing menus that are based on what’s available seasonally. So, dining at your favorite local restaurant always means something new and different!
  • Dining local means fresher ingredients all around – not just vegetables – but fresher eggs and meats. It also encourages sustainable agriculture.
  • You are fostering a safer supply chain! Local food travels a significantly shorter distance to your neighborhood market, with overall less waste, less packaging and less fuel – improving the overall carbon footprint!
  • Besides local farmers, supporting local bakers also sends profit right back into the community – and lands some incredibly delicious bread and baked goods on your family’s table.
  • As the positive flow continues, the local eating establishments you and your family frequent also purchase local for everything they need to run their businesses. That can mean more jobs kept right here in our community. 
  • Expect the very best customer service from your local eateries, too. After all, they are your neighbors and friends and take your comfort and satisfaction very personally!

The bottom line: It’s time to make reservations!


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