Clemmons Community Foundation Meet the new President/CEO – Sandi Scanelli

What is a philanthropic foundation?  The definition is “a non-profit, non-governmental organization with assets provided by donors and managed by its own officials with income expended for socially useful purposes.”  To be entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility of oversight of bequests donated to the community requires an individual with a heart for the community, a desire to help others in the near and long term, as well as a commitment to adhere to the intent of the donor’s wishes.

Clemmons Community Foundation, under the leadership of their new President/CEO, Sandi Scanelli, is poised for growth with the Foundation.  Sandi brings a heart for service along with years of experience in the business world and service in the non-profit arena.

Sandi was raised in New Jersey and attended college in Virginia.  During her career, she developed her own business, which she later sold.  Sandi moved to Florida and helped her parents relocate from New Jersey to the warmer climate as well.  While in Florida, she was offered a position as president/CEO of a Community Foundation and served in that role for nearly seven years.  Sandi visited our area last spring and felt led to relocate here. After prayerful consideration, she put her Florida house on the market and moved to North Carolina last September.  Over the years, Sandi has served in a consultant capacity with boards in other community service foundations and felt drawn toward work in the non-profit sector. “There’s so much need in a community that lends itself to work with foundations—in educational enhancements, environmental endeavors, arts and culture, which are so important to entice growth from business and newcomer perspectives, and other ventures that can help a community achieve long-term growth.”

Sandi was one of two candidates selected by the Board of Clemmons Community Foundation for an in-person interview.  To get a perspective of the selection process, there were 36 candidates in the beginning; the pool was narrowed down to 10, then six, and then the final two.  Sandi had eight-plus years of experience serving in a president/CEO capacity with similarly sized Community Foundations. While both candidates were strong, Sandi’s experience and desire to make change spoke to the Board and she was selected for the role of President/CEO.  Since she had already moved to the area, she was ready to start the transition to her new role and quite happy to call North Carolina home.

“Our goal is to grow a philanthropic resource for the area and to honor the intent of our donors by being good stewards of their bequests, distributing monies in thoughtful and careful, impactful ways,” explained Sandi.  A listening program has begun to gain an understanding from the community regarding long-term transformational needs. “It’s rewarding to see what’s coming. The Clemmons Community Foundation is a vehicle for people who want to leave monies for special causes, and as partners, we help donors connect with the causes that most closely meet their expectations.”

John Bost, former Village of Clemmons mayor, real estate agent, and community leader, is working closely with Sandi as she transitions into her new role.  John serves as the Chairman of the Clemmons Community Foundation Board of Directors.  “Clemmons Community Foundation morphed from fundraising Rotary initiatives into a community catalyst to fund sustainable, non-profit needs. The Foundation has received three substantial, anonymous bequests over a four-year period.  One goal that the Foundation is addressing involves educating potential donors regarding endowments and ways to poise the Foundation for the future needs of the community.”

For information on how to become involved, participate, make a bequest, or for any questions regarding the work and purpose of Clemmons Community Foundation, contact Sandi Scanelli via phone at 336.407.3460 or via e-mail (  The Foundation’s website is being re-developed and will be available soon as an additional resource; watch for further news on the site’s re-launch.



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