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Are birthing and postpartum classes beneficial for the mother-to-be? The answer from Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates is a resounding YES! Whether it’s a first birth or a subsequent birth, most women report some sense of anxiety surrounding labor and delivery. Almost 100% of the time these worries are rooted in the unknown. Gaining hands-on knowledge, tools and practice is an effective way to eliminate this sense of the unknown. Is it possible to give birth without taking a class? Of course, but why would you want to when childbirth classes are the most helpful way to prepare for birth? In fact, this article came about as a result of several requests Brooke Eagle (Publisher of Forsyth Woman) received asking her to let others know about the incredible classes offered through Lyndhurst PT/OT therapy department. Eagle remarked, “It’s very rare that we get multiple article requests for the same people!” While a specific shout out was given to Mary Sadler (DPT) and Lauren Bost (OTR/L) and the exceptional pelvic floor work, Lyndhurst patients routinely rave about each of the following classes.

Childbirth Education & Lamaze Class

Preparing for the later stages of pregnancy, as well as learning comfort techniques that are helpful at the end of pregnancy and during birth enhance the confidence level of the mother-to-be. As Jamie Petty (LPN, LCCE, Lactation Educator) shared, “The education provided is evidence-based and up-to-date, so the patient can have confidence in knowing we are providing the most relevant information to them.” Lamaze is so much more than breathing. The instructors use a combination of PowerPoint, videos, hands on activities, demonstration and active participant interaction in every class. Throughout each class, participants ask questions that allow for discussions catered to the specific questions/needs of attendees to help them reach their birth story goals. Because there are differences in every pregnancy, labor and delivery, it is beneficial for every pregnant woman to take the class whether it is her first or fourth pregnancy. Having partners attend class can be very beneficial and, for Lamaze, a part of the class is dedicated to partners. Although having a partner for class certainly isn’t a requirement, the instructors assure birth coaches they will not be bored in class. Register between the 3rd – 5th month of pregnancy to ensure a space in class. The cost is $100. Instructors Jamie Petty, Treka Conley and Hannah McGlamery.

“Support and education are so important during this special milestone, and I get very excited to work with our couples.”

-Treka Conley, RN, LCCE

Top 5 Benefits:

  • Understand physiological aspects of childbirth/postpartum 
  • Evidence-based information on childbirth
  • Safe place for learning and asking questions 
  • Learn and practice comfort techniques 
  • Go into delivery with confidence 

“Our main goal is for participants to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to give birth. We hope everyone leaves class with information 

they will carry with them throughout the remainder of their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period.”

– Hannah McGlamery, RN, BSN, LCCE

Breastfeeding Class

This class examines the benefits of breastfeeding and provides pregnant women the knowledge and support they need for breastfeeding success. Topics include how to get started, positioning techniques, community resources and more. The class utilizes videos, lectures and demo-combination-group virtual sessions. Lauri Cox, with 18 years of experience as a breastfeeding class instructor enjoys when participants ask questions and shares, “I have a passion for families on their parenting journeys!” Although this class is particularly helpful for the first-time mom, it is also beneficial for second-time mothers to get a refresher, especially if they had a poor experience the first time. Spouse/significant other is encouraged to attend to learn how to be a source of support across the three primary tasks: #1 feed the baby, #2 take care of the milk supply and #3 effective attachment. While there is never a bad time for additional education regarding breastfeeding, the recommended time for this class is during the third trimester. The cost is $30. To promote patient safety during this time, instructor Lauri Cox is holding the class virtually. 

Top 5 Benefits:

  • Preparation – How to get started 
  • Proactive support – Concerns and when to call for assistance
  • Empower mothers – Strategies to support breastfeeding
  • Information on babies, breastmilk and breastfeeding 
  • Improve health and safety of babies

“Education for growing families is absolutely crucial. Our country is in the midst of the worst maternity crisis we have seen, education is a piece of the puzzle.”

– Lauri Cox, FNP, IBCLC

Pregnancy & Postpartum Mobility 

Empowering pregnant women to take an active role in physically preparing their body for labor and delivery, as well as what they can do to jump-start recovery before six weeks postpartum, sets them up for success entering motherhood. The class consists of visuals, demonstrations, videos, hands on practice and discussion. Partners are invited but not required. Second-time parents are encouraged to attend since each pregnancy, perspective and birth goals can differ – there are always new things to learn! Recommended time to take this class is any time after 28 weeks. The cost of the in-person, three-hour class is $120 (there is no charge for the support person). Lyndhurst will soon launch a new postpartum course (a two-part series). The first part, beginning birth to 12 weeks postpartum, centers on general postpartum wellness toward 1) helping the pelvic floor reconnect with the diaphragm and core, 2) prevent or heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and 3) return to daily activities safely. The second part, typically 3-4 months postpartum and beyond, focuses on a return to exercise (like lifting weights, CrossFit, etc.) and running. Instructors for these classes are Dr. Mary Sadler and Lauren Bost. 

“Our goal is to educate and empower women during the perinatal period to optimize birth outcomes and prevent postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction.”

– Lauren Bost, OTR/L

Top 5 Benefits:

  • How pregnancy affects body to better manage expectations 
  • Optimize pelvic mobility, diaphragm and core muscles in delivery
  • Learn how to ideally push out the baby to minimize injury 
  • Reduce impact of pelvic floor dysfunction immediately after birth
  • Sex – During pregnancy and returning to it after delivery

“I am motivated to change how society views pregnancy and labor. Pregnancy doesn’t ‘ruin’ your body. It’s hard, and it changes things for sure, but you are not ‘ruined.’”

– Mary Sadler, DPT

These classes are offered for Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates patients. For more information, please visit the website at 


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