Christmas Projects to Keep Your Kids Entertained

While every year presents its own challenges, this year has emboldened many to think more creatively, especially when it comes to keeping kids entertained around the clock. So, whether you’re on the hunt for easy entertainment ideas or simply looking to start a new family Christmas tradition, these indoor activities will keep the holiday spirits cheery, and parents merry.

Customized Hot Chocolate Smorgasbord

There’s nothing quite like a warm mug of hot cocoa on a chilly December night as you wrap up in a cozy blanket to watch a new Christmas movie or an oldie goldie. This year give those memorable nights a little boost with a scrumptious smorgasbord of sweet toppings to customize your hot chocolate. A few suggestions include mini- marshmallows, candy-cane spoons, chocolate chips or shaved chocolate, ground cinnamon, whipped cream, creamy peanut butter, and sprinkles. Maybe even be a little sneaky with your traditional hot chocolate recipe to add a few extra health benefits, such as substituting sugar for pure maple syrup or adding collagen peptide powder.

Classic Christmas Popsicle Stick Crafts

Especially during the colder months, popsicle sticks are pretty easy to find, both in-stores and online. They are super versatile, in the manner that you can quickly look up oodles of DIY instructions to make anything from handmade sparkly snowflake ornaments to Frosty the Snowman. With the majority being quite simple in handling, most children do not need assistance if given a print-out of instructions, which’ll hopefully give you a few more hours to focus on your work tasks.

Preparing for Santa’s Arrival

Whether you’re a fan of chewy snickerdoodles or fudgy brownie cookies or soft sugar cookies, Santa would like to say that he loves them all!  If you have a little extra time to prepare, pre-measure out the ingredients into separate bowls for your children to build confidence in making the cookies themselves. While they are always delicious to eat, they are also fun to decorate with a variety of colored royal icings. And don’t forget about the festive sprinkles and candy eyes for Rudolph the Reindeer!  If you do end up a little baking-happy, you can always extend a little holiday spirit to family, friends, and neighbors by bringing them a batch of your delicious sweets.

Handprint Christmas Wreath

A childhood favorite, these handmade Christmas wreaths are cheap, easy to make, and create long-lasting memories to archive your child’s growth each year. It will also make a well-cherished gift for grandparents to proudly put on display!

  • Step one is to trace your child’s hand on a sheet of chipboard. This may be hardest part, as you have to try to keep them still even when the pencil or pen “tickles” their hand! Then, you’ll need to carefully cut out the new hand template with scissors.
  • Step two is to trace a large circle for the wreath onto a 12″ green-colored cardstock, then trace a smaller bowl in the center of the newly-formed wreath. Cut out the center circle and outer edge of the large circle until you have a donut-like shape.
  • Step 3 is to use the hand template to cut out about 15-20 hands from remaining green-colored cardstock to glue onto the wreath circle. Become a little creative by adding “berries” with red cardstock or “Christmas lights” with yellow cardstock, then tie a bright ribbon around it as a door hanger.

DIY Holiday Light Tour

Most individuals fondly remember their earlier days scavenging around the house for spare pillows and throw blankets or sheets to skillfully build their magical kingdom. But, this year, give the gift of fairy lights to upgrade the living room fort(s) by decorating them like you would your home’s exterior. When there are multiple children at hand, present the idea of a little challenge for the best-decorated fort. Now, if the weather is permittable, take your personalized Christmas light tour outside by piling into the car with little portable mugs of hot chocolate in hand to drive around the neighborhood(s) as you sing your favorite festive tunes.

At little-to-no expense, these creative holiday activities can encourage the Christmas spirit, while also bringing a little more peace to your mind knowing that your little bundles of energy are being entertained.



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