Celebrating Milestone Birthdays

Birthdays are a must for celebrating.  Confetti, balloons, your favorite meal. And not to mention a cake to fulfill that sweet tooth! And let’s not forget—make a wish for the new year to come! And remember, it’s common knowledge that any food or   drink consumed on your birthday has no calories, so eat that extra slice!

Milestone birthdays hold a special place in our hearts. Signifying growth, new opportunities, and dreams to be fulfilled.  As we reach each milestone, exciting things await us, maybe even sprinkled with some apprehension. There may be some aching backs and gray hairs, but each year is one to celebrate.

1 year old

Throw confetti!  Loads of balloons, matching parent and child outfits—a cake to feed 100 people and goody bags for kids who can’t even speak yet or don’t have teeth to eat the candy! 

This party is more for the parents and family to celebrate and get together. Just prepare for tears (from the baby, too), because things may not go as planned (cue rain for an outside party) or a skipped nap that makes opening presents and happiness just too much to bear!

13 years old

Now gears shift and you are no longer invited to the parties. You are totally cramping their style and yanno what? They’re a teenager now, so they should totally and for sure be able to stay up as late as they want, eat way too much pizza, cake and candy, and complain the next morning their belly aches. 

Cue tears again reminiscing about the first birthday and look through photos of how cute the matching outfits were.

16 years old

A party fit for a king or queen. This signifies growth and coming of age. Hide the car keys, increase your insurance, and stay off the roads because they can officially drive. And it’s scary.

Cue tears when you get the first car insurance bill with the new driver added on.

30 years old

A surprise party that you don’t want because you’re all of a sudden tired at 5 o’clock instead of wanting to go out and drink, like in your 20s.

Don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize, exercise, and eat right. Balance work and your social life.

Cue tears, because why does your back hurt? And your neck? Shoulders? 

What is happening?

40 years old

Sports car—enough said.

Cue tears for fear that perhaps any choices in your life might not be what you had intended. But deep down, you know that your life is perfect just the way it is.

60 years old

New beginnings, smiles and laughter.  An extravagant birthday—perhaps a trip to your most coveted location. Retirement is near and life, as you know it, will begin to mellow out and make room for things that you enjoy.

No tears, just excitement and relaxation.

90 years old

Imagine what you’ve experienced in 90 years of life? Changes to the world, technology, science. 

You’ve come full circle and just like at the 1st birthday, family and friends will want to celebrate. Allow those around you to shower you with love.

Each year, no matter how you choose to celebrate, remember the joy and memories that past years have brought and all you have left to experience.  So, embrace every moment!

Tears, but not for sadness or regret, aching backs and shoulders; tears for a life that was worth living and experiences and memories that will live on forever.

And always remember…

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

So, embrace each moment and live a life a 90-year-old would be proud of.


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